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Sevenoaks A21 / M25 junction 4
Sevenoaks A21 / M25 J4

Christmas storage solutions

Are you sure you got the room to spare inside?

At this time of year, we’re making plans to see family and friends and to spend time together at home. But to echo the immortal words of Slade, “are you sure you got the room to spare inside?”

We specialise in looking at space imaginatively. Our cabinet makers are true craftsmen who have applied their skills to busy homes across the South East to create innovative storage and beautiful cabinetry, that comes into its own never more than at this time of year.

There’s never enough cupboard space

It can feel like that, especially when stocking up on extra food and drink for entertaining. We are experts at making the most of every square inch of space.

By looking with fresh eyes, we are able to see the potential to use space that could otherwise be wasted. We consider height, breadth and depth to find ways to combine functionality with practicality – to ensure that cabinetry, cooking and dining surfaces are multi-purpose wherever possible.

Floor to ceiling cabinets, under-island storage and a cupboard above the double ovens all contribute to ensuring this kitchen has a place for everything. Read more about this kitchen.

Empty larder days…

A larder, or pantry, cupboard is a wonderful addition to a busy kitchen. Hidden seamlessly within a run of cupboards, it is so convenient to be able to store groceries all in one place. Especially at this time of year when there seems to be constant stocking up for guests and entertaining!

They can be configured in a number of ways to combine shelving and drawers for maximum usability. A cool shelf (often marble) is a popular addition for items that are best kept below room temperature but don’t need refrigeration, such as butter and eggs.

In the kitchen at parties

The informality (and convenience) of kitchen dining is increasingly popular. Whether your main dining table is located in an open plan kitchen diner or in a more traditional dining room, beautiful cabinetry to store glasses and crockery is our speciality.

In this stunning kitchen diner, the elegant, understated cabinetry seamlessly links the cooking and dining space whilst incorporating plenty of useful storage.

New heights

A great way to may the most of available storage space is to make use of height. It’s possible to achieve striking and stylish results by varying the height of cabinetry in one wall space to break up the eyeline and create interest.

In this kitchen, we created a zone for entertaining. Beautifully lit display cabinets house the glassware, whilst the washing machine and tumble dryer are hidden in the centre base units, and the boiler concealed in the tall cupboard to the right! Read more about this kitchen.

Here, tall cabinetry is used to divide the room. There are spacious cupboards on one side, and on the other a splendid bar unit open to the main dining area. Read more about this project.

Hidden depths

Adapting cabinetry beneath work surfaces or casual dining areas such as breakfast bars and islands is another excellent way to increase storage space. These can be great places to stow away those items that aren’t used every day, but come into their own at certain times of year.

This superb central island, finished in Farrow and Ball ‘Preference Red No.297’ creates a beautiful and extremely useful centrepiece with deep drawers on one side and open shelves on the other. Read more about this kitchen.

Another great example of how items for occasional use can be stored away in spaces that don’t need to be accessed regularly.

Raise a toast

A hidden bar is not only very good fun and wonderful for parties, it’s possible to store glasses and upright bottles for display in the upper section, and incorporate horizontal wine storage lower down.

This is a beautiful example. Here we incorporated fully retractable ‘pocket’ doors, to make the most of the space and the mirror splashback creates an optical illusion of space and depth:

Or, if you have the space, dedicate an entire wall to your entertaining supplies!

Utility heaven

If you’re lucky enough to have space for a utility room, you know what a useful and functional space they can be – particularly if they are well planned and the available space is made the most of.

They can take the pressure of valuable kitchen space when used for white goods and additional storage – especially at busy times of year! They can also be well designed spaces in their own right with stylish additions such as tambour doors.

A warm welcome

A hallway can easily become cluttered, particularly when welcoming guests who are wrapped up for the cold weather.

We have designed and built beautiful cabinetry in many hallways to provide a calm and well-organised welcome.

Talk to us about creating the perfect cabinetry for your space

Visit our expansive showroom to experience for yourself the quality of our craftmanship or call to book a design consultation.

Jack Hone

Chief kitchen designer (and chef in a previous life), who loves creating perfect spaces for people to make memories in.