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Sevenoaks A21 / M25 junction 4
Sevenoaks A21 / M25 J4
Scribe Moulding

What is scribe moulding?

Explaining terminology used in cabinetry detailing.

What Is A Rabbet Joint?

What is a rabbet joint?

Explaining a joint commonly used in handmade cabinetry.

What Is A Waterfall Edge?

What is a waterfall edge?

The waterfall edge is a striking aesthetic where the countertop continues at a 90-degree angle to the floor – a versatile design tool that has many applications in kitchen design.

What Is An Upstand?

What is an upstand?

We explore what upstands are and the best ways to use them in your kitchen design.

What Is A Splashback?

What is a splashback?

We explore splashbacks – a smooth, stylish and easy-to-clean solution to protect your kitchen walls.

What Is An Ogee?

What is an ogee?

When customers are looking for a more ornate finish to their kitchen design, we often use decorative ogee profiling. But what exactly does that mean? And what on earth is an ogee?!

What Is A Larder Cupboard Or Pantry Cupboard?

What is a larder cupboard or pantry cupboard?

We explore what a pantry cupboard (or larder cupboard) is, how it originated and why it could be the perfect, stylish storage solution for your kitchen.

Tambour Door Close Up

What is a tambour door?

What are “tambour” doors? How could you use them in your home? Read on to find out!

Shaker And Flat Kitchen Cabinet Door Examples

Shaker and flat doors

Do you know your shaker from your flat? Any idea what raised and fielded is? No? Then let us explain! We look at the various styles of kitchen cabinet doors available and discuss which suit different styles of kitchen.

The Contrasting Styles Of In-frame Versus Lay-on Kitchen Cabinets

In-frame versus lay-on (frameless) cabinets

Confused by kitchen design terminology? In this article we look at the difference between lay-on (frameless) and in-frame cabinet construction.