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Miele is one of the premier household appliance brands worldwide. They set impeccable standards for design, performance and durability.

“Immer Besser” is Miele’s promise, which was printed on the very first appliances they made, back in 1899. It means “forever better”, and it still characterises the brand to this day.

Miele’s products have a timeless elegance which is coupled with innovative technology. The reliability and energy efficiency of their products has made Miele consistent winners in the Which? Brand of the Year awards.

Discover why celebrity chef, Paul Ainsworth, loves Miele.

Miele ovens


The perfect blend of design and performance

Perhaps the most sought after of the Miele products are its ovens, where their innovative technology makes it simple to serve perfectly cooked food every time. Their range includes steam ovens, hobs, microwaves, warming drawers, extractors and ranges. All designed with Miele’s clean and sophisticated style.


Making chores more pleasurable

An often-overlooked part of the kitchen, investing in a quality dishwasher can make life so much easier. Imagine never having to pre-soak or scrub again! Miele offers a range of integrated and freestanding dishwashers, with their ubiquitous style and performance.

Miele fridge and freezer


Keeping things cool, beautifully

Miele fridges and freezers demonstrate their dedication to making even the most ordinary appliance extraordinary. They lead the way in providing the perfect storage for every type of produce, in an appliance that’s convenient and easy to use.

Miele coffee machine


Your morning brew, Miele style

Built-in and countertop coffee machines are both available, designed to give you perfect cuppa and to complement the styling of other Miele products. For the real aficionados, you can even purchase Miele coffee beans!


High performance and environmentally friendly

Miele washing machines provide the excellence in quality and usability which you would expect. Features include automatic detergent dispensers, a 49 minute wash cycle and the ability to control and monitor your wash through your phone. Most machines are energy A rated and designed to minimise water consumption.


Speedy drying combined with low energy costs

Tumble dryers are an essential appliance for any busy home. Buying a Miele tumble dryer ensures the perfect results each time you use it. Plus, Miele’s intelligent design reduces energy consumption and running costs.

Miele washer dryer


Saving you space and time

If you have limited space or usually do small loads of laundry, a Miele washer-dryer could be the perfect appliance. The speediest models ensure that your clothes are washed and dried in an hour. Miele’s washer-dryers also benefit from features such as automated detergent release and remote control through your phone.

Selecting the right Miele appliance for your home

Miele products not only offer you a range of functions and technology. They are also available in a variety of finishes to suit your style:

  • Vitroline appliances are fully glazed in graphite grey, obsidian black or brilliant white, for a contemporary appearance.
  • Pureline products are styled with dramatic black glass and distinctive stainless steel handles.
  • Artline is a minimalist, handless range in graphite grey, obsidian black or brilliant white glass.
  • Contourline blends stainless steel and black glazing for a classic style.

Navigating through the vast array of Miele options can feel a bit daunting, but this is where we can help.

We frequently use Miele appliances in our kitchen designs, so our designers are experts in finding the right product for each client’s needs.

Benefits of Miele

Miele is a brand which homeowners return to again and again:

  • The quality of Miele products is exemplary, with great attention to detail. Every appliance is thoroughly tested to ensure it is reliable and durable.
  • Technology is at the forefront of Miele’s product development, making it easy to get consistently excellent results when you use them.
  • Miele’s approach to design is to have clean lines, timeless elegance and intuitive handling. The products fit seamlessly into almost any kitchen design.
  • Minimising energy consumption for homeowners is an important part of Miele’s innovations. They are also aiming for their production sites to have zero impact on the climate.

Miele appliances in real kitchens

These are a selection of the kitchens we have designed incorporating Miele appliances to perfectly suit each homeowner’s needs:

Experience Miele for yourself

And get advice from our knowledgeable team

Visit our Sevenoaks showroom for a demonstration of the Miele single and steam combi ovens, and make yourself a cuppa from our Miele coffee machine.

We also have an extensive range of other Miele appliances on display throughout the showroom.