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The art of bespoke wine storage

Whether our customers have a large space to dedicate to wine storage, or want to find creative and stylish ways to subtly incorporate it – we are always inspired to come up with innovative and, above all, beautiful solutions.

Here, we share tips about storing wine, along with some of the many bespoke wine stores we have hand-built for our customers. From designing a dedicated room, building stunning home bars, to creative use of kitchen islands and under-stairs storage.

With something this important, our customers don’t tend to compromise!

Bespoke wine store

How to store wine

When approaching each project, we are not only fulfilling our customer’s brief, we are also mindful of the correct ways to store wine to ensure its quality and taste stand the test of time:

  • Temperature: One of the most important factors in wine storage is temperature. Ideally, wine should be stored at a consistent temperature between 12°C and 18°C.
  • Humidity: Maintaining the right humidity level helps preserve the wine’s integrity. A humidity level of around 70% is ideal.
  • Light: Wine is photosensitive, so it can be damaged by exposure UV rays. Therefore, it’s important to consider light exposure when designing wine storage.
  • Horizontal storage: Storing wine bottles horizontally keeps the cork in contact with the liquid, preventing it from drying out. Dry corks can lead to oxidisation, which ruins the wine.
  • Avoid vibration: It is best to store wine away from areas where there is vibration from appliances. Vibration can disturb sediment and negatively impact the wine.
  • Ventilation: Adequate airflow is an important consideration, to maintain a fresh environment around the wine.
  • Fine wine storage: When storing fine wines, which are to be kept for several years, it is important to avoid moving them unnecessarily. Therefore, this is a consideration for storage. Keeping an inventory and organising bottles by type, region, or vintage makes it easier to locate a particular wine without disturbing the collection.
  • Wine coolers: Investing in a wine cooler means that wines are kept at the correct temperature and humidity, ensuring that your wines are stored in optimal conditions.

How to store wine after opening

Storing opened red or white wine properly is key to preserving its flavour and quality:

  • Seal the bottle: Recork the wine or use a wine stopper to prevent as much air contact as possible, which can spoil the wine.
  • Temperature: White and rosé wine should be stored in a refrigerator at 7 to 13°C. Red wine should be stored at around 13 to 18°C.
  • Wine preservation systems: Using a wine preservation system, such as a vacuum pump or one that uses argon gas, removes air from the bottle to prevent oxidisation. These can be useful when you only want to drink a glass or two at a time from a bottle.
  • Upright storage: Even when fully sealed, opened wine should be stored vertically to minimise the surface area exposed to oxygen.
  • Cool and dark: opened wine should be stored away from sunlight and temperature changes.

A bottle of wine being uncorked

Wine storage inspiration

The joy of a bespoke project is that each one is completely different. We enjoy meeting our customers and visiting their homes to design a solution that will delight them for years to come.

Wall of wine

For customers in Sevenoaks, high on their design brief was volume! They wanted to have the space to store lots of wine, in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Bespoke wine storage

Black American walnut for the woodwork is finished with a matt lacquer.

The rich, dark tone of this wood is balanced by a vintage mirror behind the diamond-shaped open cabinetry and back-lit shelving.

The shelves certainly delivered on the volume brief – with capacity for at least 250 bottles.

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Having it all

For customers in Bickley, the goal was a home bar that would be welcoming, stylish and fulfil their dreams of entertaining family and friends at home. It was our pleasure to oblige.

Home bar

We hand-built a bank of wall cabinetry, which combined the deep blue/grey tone of Farrow & Ball’s ‘Railings’ with the warm oak of the wine storage in the centre.

The wide drawers underneath include custom made dividers, which are perfect for keeping crockery and glassware organised and safe. Miele wine coolers create perfect balance either side.

The rich grey tone of the woodwork is echoed in the leathered granite of the feature bar top, which cleverly conceals twin beer fridges.

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Kitchen incorporation

Relaxed entertaining is often high our customers’ wish lists when it comes to kitchen design, so cleverly incorporating wine and drinks storage into the kitchen is one of our specialities.

Here, drinks storage has been used as a key feature in this fresh, bright kitchen diner.

Countertop space doubles as a bar, with the open glass shelving and mirrored back creating the perfect way to display bottles of every shape.

Wine coolers are subtly incorporated into the bank of cupboards that give ample storage.

Making space

When space is more limited, cleverly combining appliances with storage and design features can have stylish results.

Here, we built cupboards around the central fridge freezer to give our customers plenty of everyday kitchen storage.

Alongside the subtle grey paintwork and crisp stainless steel, the glass fronted open shelving brings warmth and interest – plus, they are the perfect way to display the glassware and twin wine racks.

Home bars

Bespoke home bars are a trend that seems set to continue. There are so many clever and subtle ways that bars can be included into a new or existing kitchen – tucked away, yet there in all their glory when needed.

Hidden bar

In Bexleyheath, our customers had a very clear vision for their warehouse-style space.

Bespoke bar

To achieve an uncluttered aesthetic, they wanted clean lines with natural materials and tones for their open plan cooking and dining space. It was also important to be able to close the door on their appliances and storage when not in use.

We designed and built for them a concealed bar with integrated fridge and glass shelving, accessed using space-saving, fully retractable pocket doors.

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Room dividing bar

For customers in Bromley, their home bar formed the opposite side to their kitchen wall to create the perfect addition to their dining room.

Bespoke bar

The cabinetry matches their kitchen woodwork in the adjoining room to create a seamless transition from kitchen to dining.

Open glass shelving for drinks is attractively reflected by a vintage style mirror. Either side are lit cabinets for glassware. A bank of cupboards underneath gives additional storage.

There’s also a tap and small, undermounted sink to provide fresh water.

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Cleverly concealed

When customers want to get creative with their space, we are in our element.

Whether it’s clever usage of a kitchen island or corner cupboard, or turning under stairs space into something special, we are always up for the challenge.

With this project, we created a truly unique space from under stairs storage.

Bespoke hexagonal wine storage in warm oak, beautifully lit, creates a talking point and a wine store to truly enjoy.

Wine refrigeration

Wine coolers are the perfect way to store wine for any length of time.

We supply Miele, Fisher and Paykel, Siemens and Leibherr wine coolers, and they are available to see for yourself at our spacious showroom.

These appliances can be adjusted to create different temperature zones according to the wine and how it should be served.

Features include tinted safety glass with UV filter, a cold air fan to regulate temperature and humidity, and a low-vibration compressor.

Every aspect is designed to keep wine in perfect condition.

Wine fridge

Design for wine

With Christmas on the horizon, your thoughts may be turning to entertaining and the quantity of wine bottles that come with it!

If you would like to talk to us about bespoke wine storage for your home, we are always inspired to come up with ideas for projects of every size.

Pease call us on 01959 53 22 33 to book a design appointment.

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

There’s very little that our Workshop Director, Ben, doesn’t know about cabinetry and carpentry. His expertise and creative flair shines through in every project he delivers.