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Choosing the ideal cabinet glazing

Glass-fronted cabinetry is the perfect alternative to solid cabinetry or open shelving. Your glasses and dishware are kept dust-free, whilst being attractively displayed to create interest.

Cabinet glazing is also a fantastic way to add personality and design flair to a room:

Glazed kitchen cabinets can help to open up the space and increase the feeling of light. For a study or bedroom, glazing can be a pivotal design feature.

With bespoke cabinetry such as wine storage, media units and home bars, it can be the finishing touch that makes all the difference.

We take you through the glazing options available, with a wealth of stunning examples.

Clear glass

Whatever your colour palette or design, clear glass provides a clean, crisp finishing touch.

It’s an ideal choice with minimalist styling. For smaller spaces such as a galley kitchen, it can be a great way to break up a bank of cabinets, or provide a statement cupboard such as the glass and drinks corner cabinet shown here.

Glazed corner cabinet

In the smart study below, full length frameless cabinet glazing is the perfect complementary detail to the rich paintwork, and the full-length cupboard alongside.

The clean lines of the glass shelving inside, and contemporary internal lighting, offer the perfect way to store or showcase special items.

Cabinet glazing in a study


Mullions are the dividing bars that separate glass panes in a cabinet door, very much like those used in window glazing.

Often a design tool used in traditional kitchen designs, they give an understated elegance as shown in the stunning kitchen below.

Mullions dividing cabinet glazing

Mullions can also be used to striking effect when the contemporary is merged with the traditional. The clean, grey lines of the kitchen below work perfectly with traditional touches such as the chandelier lighting.

For this elegant kitchen in Bromley [full details], we built a dividing bank of cupboards with a bespoke bar to one side – the mullioned doors either side of the glass shelving give the perfect profile.

Glazed cabinetry

Reeded and textured glass

Reeded glass is created when a roller is applied to a glass surface, giving a shutter-like appearance with lines imprinted in the glass. It gives a subtle obscuring effect to the overall appearance.

Reeded and textured glass

This glazing style works well in both contemporary and traditional spaces, depending on the design. The kitchen below uses reeded glass to add interest in this beautiful Shaker kitchen.


Seeded glass has an alternative textured finish. This type of glass has a bubbly, handblown appearance that forms when gas becomes trapped in its surface.

It has an artisan, handmade appearance, so could work well in designs with a quirky edge.

Stained or antiqued glazing

Tinted or antique glazed kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring tone and warmth into a design. Choosing a subtle tint that complements and enhances the surrounding cabinetry can bring another attractive and creative element to the overall look.

With the kitchen below, the warmth of the glazing and internal wooden shelves contrast beautifully with the high gloss finish of the cabinetry.

Cabinets with glazing and wooden shelves

Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass is a fabulous design tool that can be used creatively to increase the impression of light and space. Mullions or beading can be used to great effect to break up the glass and create interest.

For this feminine bedroom in Bromley, the latticework on the mirrored wardrobes adds a touch of glamour.

Wardrobes with mirrored latticework

Find out more about bespoke mirrored wardrobes.

Frosted glass

Made by sandblasting or acid etching a clear sheet of glass, frosted glass achieves openness and a light-enhancing aesthetic for your cabinetry, whilst subtly concealing its contents.

Frosted glass works well with both contemporary and traditional designs, it can also have a retro feel.

It is very versatile and can be used in many settings. In the example below, it is the perfect partner to the visible wine stores either side.

Cabinets with frosted glass

For the striking media unit below, frosted glass is used creatively to give a large amount of storage, conceal wiring, whilst reflecting the light beautifully.

Frosted glass surrounding a media unit

For more glazed cabinetry inspiration, come and visit our spacious and welcoming showroom .

To talk through a specific project, please call us on 01959 53 22 33 to book a design appointment.

Jack Hone

Jack Hone

Chief kitchen designer (and chef in a previous life), who loves creating perfect spaces for people to make memories in.