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Bring the grandeur of ancient Rome to your bedroom

We understand that a bedroom is a very special place. You spend almost half your time there (albeit that a lot of that time is spent asleep!) and we want it to be a room which makes you feel special every time you walk into it.

With this in mind, we developed our range of wardrobe doors featuring intricate latticework over a mirrored surface.

Inspired by ancient Rome

When creating these opulent doors we took inspiration from the intricate, geometric designs frequently used in Roman era ornamentation, particularly their mosaics. By placing these patterns on a mirrored background, we’ve fashioned a look which brings a touch of grandeur to your bedroom.

Including these doors in your bedroom will not only give you the perfect finishing touch from a design perspective, they are also a very practical and hardwearing solution.

The mirrored surface reflects light around the space, making the room feel bigger. The latticework over the mirrors adds depth to the design, breaking up the reflected image so you get a more subtle, enigmatic effect.

When used on expansive wardrobes it also helps to break up the impression of a ‘wall of doors’, giving a far more pleasing look.

Available designs

Our latticework doors are available in a range of designs. If you have a specific pattern in mind then please speak to our team about our customisation service.





Discover how we used our latticework doors to enhance this beautiful bedroom.

The craftsmanship behind the look

In constructing these high quality doors we blend traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to create a look which simply wouldn’t have been achievable without modern day production techniques.

The doors and latticework are made of HDF, a very high density panel formed of compressed wood fibres. The benefits of HDF over alternative materials (such as real wood or MDF) are that it is a strong, stable and moisture-resistant solution, perfect for creating doors which will look great and last for years.

We fashion the latticework patterns using the latest CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology. This state-of-the-art equipment exploits the accuracy of computer guidance to control the cutting out process. The result is a perfect finish and the ability to offer far more delicate and intricate designs than would be possible by hand cutting.

Each door is constructed of three pieces, the front frame and latticework (which is machined from one piece of HDF for a seamless finish), the mirror which fits snugly into the frame and finally a back piece to finish the interior surface.

The door can be painted in any colour you wish. We complete the design with a carefully selected handle, chosen to blend perfectly with the style of latticework.

Feel like an emperor each time you walk into your bedroom

Our design skills, traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology combine flawlessly in creating this opulent look.

Contact us for design advice or visit our extensive showroom in Sevenoaks to take a closer look at these bedroom doors.

Jack Hone

Jack Hone

Chief kitchen designer (and chef in a previous life), who loves creating perfect spaces for people to make memories in.