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Now showing: the perfect bespoke media unit

When it comes to bespoke cabinetry, unique media units are an increasingly popular home renovation for our customers.

Much more than a practical solution to housing a screen and cables, they are an aesthetic focal point in their own right.

Here, we take you through some of the considerations when designing the perfect media unit for your home, with some stunning examples of bespoke projects we’ve hand-built.

Bespoke media unit

Statement vs subtlety

Much of our relaxation time, and more importantly, family time, is spent with home entertainment. So, it’s not surprising that media units are an important part of the home.

For some customers, understatement is the key to the design with cabinetry designed to subtly house devices such gaming consoles, soundbars and of course, cables, whilst blending with the rest of the room.

Conversely, a focal point that makes a statement is intrinsic to the design for some homeowners, who want their media unit to have ‘wow factor’, and to create an experience.

We’ve worked on projects featuring a broad spectrum of styles.

Perfect harmony

For our customers in Longfield, their light, spacious kitchen is the heart of their home – a family space for cooking, dining and relaxing.

We created a bespoke, wall-mounted unit in a combination of light grey gloss and painted ash trims. The colour was matched to Anthracite Grey, to perfectly complement the kitchen cabinetry.

The media unit was designed to be the ideal depth for housing cables, sound bar, consoles and other devices, without overshadowing the room.

Bespoke media unit seen from kitchen

Centre of attention

For customers in Tunbridge Wells, we created a bespoke bank of stunning cabinetry across an entire wall to create a unique statement within their home.

The focal point is their TV screen with a spectacular radiance electric fire underneath.

This project is a great example of how media units can be enhanced to provide greater functionality, and an aesthetic of their own.

Bespoke media unit and cabinetry

The subtle, warm grey painted cabinets also house a home bar, and back lighting has been incorporated to highlight treasured possessions.

Bespoke shelving

Achieving the feng shui

Careful planning of where to place your media unit is paramount.

Considerations such as the flow of the room and ensuring maximum functionality will help you to make the right decisions – and this is something we can help with.

Reflections from windows are also a factor that it’s well worth thinking about, which ties in with seating arrangements to make sure the viewing and listening experience is what you want it to be.

If young children are part of the home, then screen height and safety measures can also be tailored to suit family life.

Bespoke media unit

With this project, the overall impact is uncluttered with clean lines.

The warmth of the wood panelling offsets the blue painted handle-less cabinetry to achieve a contemporary look. The low, mounted cabinets give a stylish, Scandi feel.

Tech savvy

Gaming consoles, soundbars, speakers, streaming devices – and for those of us that still watch them, DVD players – are all part of the mix when designing a bespoke media unit.

Taking time to consider how the unit will be used, and by whom, will make the most of its functionality and make sure there’s a place for everything.

Unsightly plugs and cables are a thing of the past with built-in cable management systems and integrated sockets.

Media units are a great way to ensure that devices don’t dominate the room. They can create a calm and uncluttered experience when you’re relaxing with a film or music.

Bespoke media unit

In this bright, loft space, the goal was a sleek, organised space for gaming and entertainment.

The simple media unit keeps everything tucked away and orderly, beneath a wall-mounted screen to maximise space.

Perfect proportions

We will work with you to achieve the best proportions for your room, to ensure your media unit becomes a seamless part of space.

Units can be wall-mounted, floor to ceiling or low-mounted to give the right aesthetic and accommodate the storage that you need.

The use of colour with painted cabinetry or natural wood tones will be important considerations to create the right look.

Ensuring your screen is at a comfortable eye level when you’re seated makes for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Bespoke media unit

For our customers in Orpington, having designed and built their kitchen and study, we were asked to design a media unit to complete the handmade cabinetry in their home.

Olive Ash veneered cabinets extend from to wall to wall, and contrast beautifully with the striking speakers. Deep dovetail-joined drawers provide ample storage space.

Read more about this project.

Let us entertain you

If you would like to talk to us about a bespoke media unit for your home, we are here to inspire you.

Pease call us on 01959 53 22 33 to book a design appointment.

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