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The award-winning BORA Pure

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This year BORA have introduced two new models, the Classic 2.0 and the Pure.

We’ve just installed the BORA Pure in our showroom for live demonstrations (why not pop in?) and we absolutely love it!

Let’s look at why this award-winning cooktop has been so well received…

About BORA

BORA have been making cooktop extraction systems since 2006. As well as being a very practical solution for any kitchen, they’re also a fabulous step forwards for kitchen design.

Not only do they look great, they also do away with the need for an overhead extraction system. This gives kitchen designers like us the flexibility to place your hob in exactly the right position for your kitchen.

Capture cooking smells and grease

BORA does what every extractor system should do, it stops cooking smells and grease polluting your kitchen. The difference is that BORA does it brilliantly! It ensures that virtually no odours or grease particles escape from the cooking area, instead they are all captured inside the BORA system.

Minimal noise

One of the most important benefits of a BORA extractor system is the reduction in noise, particularly when compared to overhead extractors.

They operate with very low sound levels, thanks to the optimised airflow and low-noise fan, meaning that you can easily chat to your guests or listen to music while cooking.

More about the BORA technology

If you’d like to know more about the technology behind the BORA extraction systems then take a look at our article “The science behind BORA”.

The BORA Pure

Available with both recirculation and exhaust air options, the BORA PURE is an evolution of the original BORA Basic.

It’s named “Pure” in reference to its simplistic, minimalist design. It fits seamlessly into any kitchen style and, at 760mm by 515mm, it suits any kitchen size while still providing ample cooking space.

But good looks aren’t all that the BORA Pure has going for it…

sControl – control your cooking with a fingertip

One of the most striking innovations with the BORA Pure is the new, intuitive sControl panel. This includes a vertical slider which you swipe or tap to make adjustments to the hob.

And the extractor itself is automatically controlled, so it adjusts itself perfectly to the cooking conditions, giving you one less thing to think about.

Easy to clean

The BORA Pure makes cleaning very simple. All the removable parts are easily accessible through wide openings and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This includes the grease filter itself, which is made from stainless steel, allowing it to go into the dishwasher without damage or discolouring.

And an integrated drip pan captures any spillages. It holds up to two litres of water and is easy to remove and empty.

Space to cook and store

With the central extraction vent and vertical control panel, the BORA Pure is cleverly designed to maximise your cooking space. You can easily fit two large pans, up to 24cm wide, next to each other on the hob, still leaving space for another two standard sized pots.

And, at just 199mm deep, the hob unit leaves you plenty of storage space in the cupboards below.

Award winning design

The BORA Pure, alongside the Classic 2.0, achieved a Red Dot award as soon as it was launched.

The Red Dot award is an annual, international competition which celebrates the best in commercial design. This year it included designers from 5 countries who submitted more than 5,500 products for the award. The winners were selected by an international jury of design experts.

Pop in for a demonstration

We now have the BORA Pure in our showroom in Sevenoaks, Kent – visit us for a live demonstration and to find out how BORA could fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

Discover how we used the BORA Pure to add style and practicality to these kitchen designs:


Vince Hone

Vince Hone

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