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Quooker – inspiring ideas for the tap that does it all

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The Quooker tap really is a revolution in the kitchen. It has a multitude of uses that bring unexpected conveniences to everyday living.

In fact, when it comes to installing their new kitchen, for many of our customers the inclusion of a Quooker is non-negotiable! For existing kitchens, as long as there is an appropriate power source, a Quooker can be retro installed.

We want to give you some inspiration for the many ways you can make the most of ‘the tap that does it all’.

Quooker tap filling a pan

Save energy, water, time, space …

Well, we all want to save these things!

A Quooker tap helps you save much more than you might expect, so we’ll start with some facts and figures:

🔋 Energy saving

A Quooker consists of two parts: a tap on top of the worktop and a small tank under it. This tank is a kind of thermos flask in which water is stored at 110ºC. Thanks to high-vacuum insulation, the heat can’t escape, so only 10 watts of energy is needed to keep the water at boiling point.

🚰 Water saving

The Quooker tank is connected to the water mains, so when you pour boiling water from the tap, fresh water immediately runs into the tank under the worktop. Therefore, only the quantity of water that has been used is refilled and reheated.

⌚Time saving

A Quooker gives you instant boiling, hot or cold water from a single tap. No waiting for the kettle or estimating the exact amount of water required.

🏠 Space saving

The Quooker tank is neatly stored under the sink. With the addition of the CUBE tank, filtered chilled or sparkling water can also be supplied on demand. So, there be no need to buy and store water in plastic bottles.

Inspiring ways to use your Quooker – any time, every day

Starting the day right

Quooker tap filling coffee cup

On busy mornings, when time is tight, your tea or coffee can be ready in moments.

And when it comes to the most important meal of the day, the Quooker is great for making porridge and making short work of boiled and poached eggs.

For parents with young children, the convenience of instant bottle sterilisation can feel like a lifesaver!

Quooker tap filling a plastic bottle

Feeding busy households


Couscous salad

A Quooker is a great support when it comes to preparing quick and healthy food.

Whether it is a quick snack such as soup or noodles, or family meals with pasta, rice, potatoes or couscous – the convenience of instant boiling water makes things easy.

Fresh vegetables

For those times when there is something a little more special on the menu, the Quooker is a great commis chef.

You can make short work of preparing a stock, blanching vegetables or skinning tomatoes. Rehydrating foods such as dried fruit, pulses and mushrooms is another good use of the Quooker.

Your cleaning companion

Kitchen utensils

Clearing up is made much easier and more efficient with a Quooker, as it provides a quick way loosen food on pots and pans.

The instant boiling water cuts through grease, so makes light work of washing up and this pre-wash helps keep your dishwasher fresh.

More awkward utensils such as mixer blades can be rinsed quickly and safely too.

Jars of jam

If you are a fan of making your own jams and preserves, the Quooker is perfect for sterilising jars.

It can even help with removing stubborn wax from candle holders!

The benefits of Quooker CUBE

Chilled, filtered water

Chilled, filtered water in a jug

Partnered with a CUBE tank, the Quooker provides perfectly chilled water to drink instantly, without the need to run the tap to cool it down, thus wasting water.

The CUBE also filters the water, taking away the need for a separate jug or disposable cartridges.

Chilled, sparkling water

Quooker tap dispensing chilled, sparkling water

The CUBE is attached to a COcylinder, giving you 60 litres of sparkling water from your Quooker tap.

Not only does this give you a perfectly chilled and refreshing drink instantly, it is great for when you have guests.

Sparkling water is a good way to make water that bit more special – this is particularly helpful to encourage children to drink water. Adding juice or cordial brings a tasty twist.

Enjoying sparkling water through your Quooker tap means there’s no need to buy separate bottles, reducing plastic waste. The CUBE CO2 cylinder is refillable.

The benefits of Quooker Flex

Child operating a Quooker Flex

The Quooker Flex incorporates a flexible, pull-out hose for extra reach.

This ingenious addition has several uses including convenient sink reach, helping you to rinse and clean the sink more easily, and it is great for rinsing awkward objects.

There is no boiling water supply through the flex, ensuring that it is safe to use for every member of the family.

See Quooker in action

If you would like to see a demonstration of Quooker for yourself, we would be pleased to welcome you at our showroom.

If you would like to speak to us about a specific design project, please call us on 01959 53 22 33 to book a design appointment.

Vince Hone

Vince Hone

Since founding Great British Kitchens & Interiors back in 1984, Vince has worked tirelessly to create exquisite spaces for hundreds of clients to cook, entertain, work and relax in.