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Quooker gives you instant boiling, hot or cold water from a single tap. It’s time to say goodbye to your kettle!

Invented by Henri Peteri in 1970, the Quooker was the first instant-boiling-water tap in the world. Quooker’s innovation continues to this day: they’ve introduced pull-out flexible hoses, filtered cold water and even sparkling water. And safety is a top priority; the boiling water functions are childproof and become unavailable when the flexible hose is in use.

But the Quooker range isn’t just about functionality. It is comes in contemporary and classic designs to suit both modern and traditional kitchens. All models are available in polished chrome or stainless steel, with some also having black, nickel or gold options.

Quooker Flex


Rounded design with a pull-out hose

With its round spout design, the Flex incorporates a pull-out hose to give you extra reach around the sink. It combines cold, hot and boiling water provision in one tap. Add the CUBE and that extends to filtered and sparkling water too.


Rounded or square taps in modern or traditional styles

Fusion taps are available in square and round forms, with a classic styling option to suit traditional kitchen designs. The single tap provides cold, hot and boiling water. When connected to a CUBE tank, the options increase to include cool filtered and sparkling water.

Quooker Nordic


Separate standard and boiling taps in a rounded or square design

Available in square and round designs, the Nordic taps offer separate functions; one a standard hot/cold mixer tap, the other a dedicated boiling water tap. The boiling water tap can be purchased separately and, if combined with a CUBE, it will also dispense cooled sparkling and filtered water. Nordic taps are available in contemporary or classic designs to suit modern or period homes.

Quooker CUBE


Add chilled still and sparkling water to your tap

The Quooker CUBE extends the functions of your Quooker tap by adding cooled filtered and sparkling water. The CUBE is installed in your kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank and can be added to any existing Quooker system, so long as it was produced after October 2017.

Integrating Quooker into your kitchen design

We love to create kitchens to perfectly suit our clients’ needs. This doesn’t just mean a kitchen which looks great; it should also be a pleasure to work in.

Your kitchen tap is probably the most used appliance in your kitchen, so it’s essential that you choose the right one. We love Quooker taps because of their exceptional quality, practicality and wide range of design options. They even have integrated soap dispensers, to complete the look.

Quooker taps are fed from a tank which sits neatly under your kitchen sink. The tanks are available with a 3 litre or 7 litre boiling water capacity. Alternatively, a Quooker Combi tank will provide you with 7 litres of boiling water or 15 litres of hot water; a highly energy-efficient way of providing both hot and boiling water in your kitchen.

Our team can help you navigate the options to find your perfect tap, whether as part of a new kitchen design or to replace existing taps.

Benefits of Quooker

Installing a Quooker tap means you can ditch your kettle and gain:

  • Time savings, with instant access to 100°C boiling water.
  • Energy and water efficiency, compared to boiling a kettle several times a day.
  • Versatility; you can instantly switch from pouring a glass of water, to cooking pasta, to sterilising baby bottles.
  • Safety features including childproof handles, insulated spouts and an aerated spray to reduce the risk of serious scalds.

Quooker in real kitchens

We often incorporate the convenience of Quooker taps into our designs. They are a practical addition to any kitchen, and save the worksurface being cluttered with a kettle.

Some examples of Quooker taps in our kitchen designs:

Experience Quooker for yourself

And get advice from our knowledgeable team

If you’ve never tried a boiling water tap before, then visit our showroom where we have demonstration models of the Flex and Fusion taps, plus the CUBE.

We have the full range of Quooker tap styles on display and our designers will help you to select the right one for your kitchen.

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