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Miele Generation 7000 combi steamer review

With Christmas almost here, many of us will be turning our thoughts to cooking that all important Christmas Day lunch.

So, we decided this would be a good opportunity to take a look at the Miele combi steam oven to find out how it could make cooking at Christmas, or any other time of year, quicker, easier and tastier.

What is a combi steam oven?

A combi steam oven provides you with a choice of operating modes, so you can use it to steam, bake, roast, grill and much more. It’s a steam oven and a traditional oven rolled into one.

You can even use combination cooking, where the oven will pair moisture and dry heat for perfect cooking results every time. So, your Christmas turkey will be succulent inside and crispy outside!

Benefits of a combi steam oven

A combination steam oven does away with the need to have separate steam and traditional ovens, saving space in your kitchen. And you also have the advantage of being able to use a combination of steam and dry heat in one cooking process, which is perfect for Sunday roasts.

The gentle process of steam cooking has long been known to help food retain nutrients and flavour, giving you a delicious and healthy meal. A steam combi oven will make this much easier, ensuring consistently tasty and nutritious results.

How the Miele Generation 7000 Combi Steamer excels

The Miele Generation 7000 has all the normal advantages of any combination steam oven, with a few extra benefits you may not find elsewhere.

Numerous cooking programmes

These allow you to perfectly tailor the cooking temperatures, style and duration, to your dish. Whether you want the crisp results of a traditional oven, gentle steam cooking, combination cooking, defrosting, dough proving or reheating… the Generation 7000 can do it all.

It’ll even cook the perfect boiled egg for you – however you like it!

And you don’t have to work out the cooking sequence yourself. The clever Miele oven will calculate the appropriate temperature, cooking time and cooking sequence for you.

Cook different ingredients at the same time

Thanks to its ability to cook multiple ingredients simultaneously, a combination steamer will save you time. You can cook complete menus in one process!

Wireless food probe

Your food can be monitored by Miele’s wireless food probe, which is ideal for cooking meat or fish. Simply insert the probe into the food. Your Miele oven will calculate and display the time left until your meal is cooked to perfection.

Motorised control panel for easy access

The Generation 7000 includes a neat design feature which gives you easy access to the water and condensation containers, without diminishing its sleek design.

The whole control panel simply opens up and out of the way at a tap of your finger. This allows you to refill the water or empty the condensate container with ease. This also provides storage for the wireless food probe.


This clever innovation from Miele means that the oven display goes onto standby until you approach it, at which point it lights up so you can monitor your cooking.

Sterilising programmes

For the jam and chutney makers among us, the Miele 7000 combi steamer will thoroughly sterilise your jars.

You can even disinfect baby bottles in it! In just 15 minutes they’ll be sterilised at 100°C and ready to use again.

Find out more

Give us a call on 01959 53 22 33 or pop down to our Sevenoaks showroom to chat to one of our experts about which Miele would be best for your kitchen.

Discover how we incorporated the Miele combi steamer into a spacious family kitchen design.

Vince Hone

Vince Hone

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