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Breaking new ground – flooring trends for 2022

There is much more to designing a new kitchen than choice of cabinetry.

Whilst cabinetry design is often the pivotal element from which the wider décor takes its lead, we understand how important these wider aspects are to the overall effect.

The wider aspects of décor may include details such as choice of door hardware, paint colour, tiling and other materials for splashbacks and, of course, flooring.

We work with a range of trusted suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationships. This ensures that they work closely with us to deliver an end result that truly delights our customers. Suppliers such as AJ Rogers and Naos are flooring specialists, and we are proud of our long working relationship with them both.

Here, we look ahead to what are set to be the flooring trends for the coming year.

A home that comforts

Home has had renewed focus over the past months and, as a result, many of us have been investing in improvements and finding ways for our space to work harder for our needs.

Comfort has perhaps not surprisingly become a real focus in home design. Warm, homely and cosy designs are increasingly popular to make home feel like a nurturing space.

In the example below, warmth and light are reflected in all aspects of the kitchen design, and the flooring laid by AJ Rogers enhances the effect. Read more about this kitchen.

Going large

According to Amtico, larger tiles are becoming more and more popular, with customers becoming bolder in how they use them.

Large tiles are great in open-plan layouts where they increase the feeling of space and can unify cooking and dining/living spaces. They are also a design tool that’s used to bring the outside in – creating a visual way of continuing the outdoor space into the home.

Here, Naos interspersed very large Tumbled Limestone tiles with varying tile sizes to add interest and enhance the feeling of space and light.

Amtico have noticed a greater demand for rectangular shapes, which can feel more natural, and can lead the eye into a given space. They also have more of a contemporary feel. In the example below, AJ Rogers laid the striking rectangular tiles to lead into the kitchen and to mirror the contemporary splashback. Read more about this kitchen.

The age of authenticity

Another key trend for 2022 is authenticity. Customers are increasingly focused on the elements of craftsmanship and heritage in the products they choose.

Textures also play a part in this, helping to give flooring longevity and character. Real wooden flooring and high-quality laminates fulfil the desire for this authenticity, as they lend themselves to both rural and urban spaces, adding cosiness and warmth to a room.

In the kitchen installation below, we worked with Naos who laid this stunning engineered oak to create both warmth and light, leading the eye to the outside space.

Big in Japandi

Japandi merges the minimalist elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design – and it’s set to be a big trend in 2022. From a flooring perspective, Japandi design is light and contemporary, with organic textures or aspects. Japandi style tends to focus on subtle grey tones to give the space a stylish, minimal, calm yet comforting feel.

The following kitchen concept is a great example of minimalist design, where the subtle tones of the flooring enhance the understated effect. Read more about this kitchen.

For the kitchen below, we worked with Sphere8 for this striking resin floor, which echoes the simple, clean lines that encapsulate the overarching design.

A rich tapestry

Using pattern in flooring can really change the feeling of the room. Timeless patterns such as parquet, basket weave and French weave continue to be popular for character homes or those wanting to create a more classic design for their home.

In the example below, our kitchen installation incorporated beautiful flooring by Amtico to bring the warmth and texture of traditional wooden parquet, with all the convenience and practicality of laminate flooring.

For those who want to make a statement, there is a new trend towards using bold or often Victorian-inspired patterns in one single area, known as ‘rug’ features. They can be used around kitchen islands, in hallways or around a fireplace. They a great way to highlight a particular architectural feature, piece of furniture or to differentiate spaces.

Set on stone

Amtico have also noticed an increased popularity in flooring design that emulates the natural tones of stone and concrete. This type of flooring can be used creatively in various areas of the home and to contrast with other materials.

Stone and concrete inspired flooring is often paired with wood and metal to give a contemporary edge to home styling. For the spectacular kitchen installation below, we worked with Living Concrete to create a look that has richness and warmth, as well as the capacity to reflect light beautifully.

Natural stone is not only beautiful, but extremely practical some areas of the home:

Visit us to get inspired

Our expansive showroom not only gives you lots of ideas for kitchen and cabinetry design, you can also browse our flooring samples to get inspired.

Jack Hone

Jack Hone

Chief kitchen designer (and chef in a previous life), who loves creating perfect spaces for people to make memories in.