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7 reasons to choose a bespoke kitchen

We’re not going to deny it. A bespoke kitchen will cost significantly more than a ready-made, freestanding set from Ikea.

So why do people splash out on a custom-made kitchen, rather than popping down to their local DIY store?

We explore 7 reasons why people choose bespoke to create the kitchen of their dreams.

1. You are at the centre of everything

The most important part of creating a bespoke kitchen is the people who will live in it.

Your designer will want to understand what you need from the room. Not only your family dynamic and individual requirements, but also your personality and lifestyle.

We like to know how you’ll use the room day to day and how this might differ for special occasions. How many people will be in the room? Do you cook as a couple? Are there children or pets to consider?

Simple practicalities are also important. You need to be able to reach all the cupboards, be they high or low. Any disabilities or other specific requirements need to be catered for.

Russell and Ellen were looking for a simple update to their kitchen. But when we saw the space they had, we recommended a more radical redesign to create a wonderful room for family life and entertaining.

Only once we understand you, can the bespoke design process start. We’ll draw on our decades of experience to create the perfect room for you and your family. We might challenge some of your preconceived ideas and throw in some radical suggestions, but the end result will be a kitchen you’ll be proud of.

2. Practical solutions

No two homes are the same and, therefore, no two kitchens should be the same either.

A bespoke kitchen will fit perfectly into whatever space you have, as if it’s been there forever. Supporting columns, awkward spaces and uneven walls can cause a real headache for the standard sizes of off-the-peg kitchens. With a tailored approach, you can make the most of these features.

Wonky walls are a common feature of older homes, such as this one in Hildenborough. With a handmade kitchen, everything will fit snugly into the architecture around it.

We’ll help you to select the right layout to suit the shape and size of the room, the number of people using it and your lifestyle.

Being bespoke, your kitchen design can incorporate all sorts of curves and angles to suit the space and create a practical room which oozes with style and interest.

The choice of appliances is also improved by bespoke design. Not only can they be integrated seamlessly into the overall design, but you also benefit from our expert knowledge in choosing the right ones.

3. Maximising space

Storage space is usually a priority for our clients.

A bespoke design will take into account the kitchen equipment you have and how you use it. Every item will then be given its own home, whether that’s on display or tucked away.

There are limitless storage possibilities with a handmade kitchen. All our units are fully customisable. They can include various configurations of shelving, in-cabinet drawers, drawer partitions, dispenser units, pull out shelves and plenty more.

Pantries are an increasingly popular option – whether a walk-in room or an expansive cupboard.

This large pantry has been fitted with shelving tailored to the owners’ needs.

This beautifully laid out pantry cupboard provides ample storage.

Which doesn’t mean that everything has to be shut away behind closed doors. Sometimes open shelving is the right answer for a client, to give them quick and easy access to the items they use most often.

These open shelves below the hob allow the cook to quickly grab whatever they need.

In a bespoke kitchen, every inch of space should be maximised. Rather than just filling gaps, we’ll always try and squeeze in a pull out tray or chopping board!

The cabinets at the far end of this kitchen have pull out trays within them rather than just spacing panels. A more practical and more elegant use of the space.

4. Colour matching to your poodle!

OK, to be fair, we have never been asked to colour match to a dog. But if we were, we could!

There are definite trends in kitchen colour schemes, with greys and blues being current favourites, alongside traditional natural wood textures. The beauty of bespoke is that you don’t have to be limited by current trends or what the high street decides to stock.

This kitchen uses striking purple to make a real statement.

With a bespoke kitchen, every aspect of the design can be tailored to your taste.

In this kitchen we created ornate profiles for the cabinets and worktop to suit the opulent style the client desired.

5. Finishing touches

It’s often the small details which really make bespoke kitchens stand out from the crowd.

Your kitchen designer will consider every aspect of the room to ensure that the right choices are made for your needs.

We’re not tied to using just one supplier for accessories such as cabinet handles and flooring. So, we can ensure that every single aspect of the room is tailored for you.

Lighting is an important part of this, whether it’s ceiling lights, task lighting or even running strips of colour-change lights along the plinths.

Here we installed recessed lights in the ceiling, pendants over the island and task lighting under the cabinets. This gives the homeowners light exactly where they need it, when they need it.

A bespoke design will take into account that it’s not just cooking that happens in a kitchen. Electric sockets, for example, aren’t just for kitchen appliances. They are also needed at seating areas and perhaps in cupboards to keep charging phones out of site. A good design will also consider smart technology and how to subtly incorporate those controls into your room.

A pop up tower in the centre of this seating area gives everyone access to charge their devices.

6. Smooth and simple installation

Your bespoke kitchen will be assembled in our workshops and then installed on site.

This isn’t a quick job – our craftsmen may be in your home for a couple of weeks ensuring that every aspect of your new kitchen is perfect. But the results will certainly be worth the wait!

Here’s a time lapse example of a bespoke kitchen being fitted.

And this is the homeowner’s feedback:

This firm is a class act. Vince and his team have done an exceptional job on our kitchen and bedrooms. The quality of their craftwork is second to none and we have been very happy with every aspect of their work. They cannot be faulted.

James Heath

7. A lifetime of pleasure

Bespoke kitchens are made to last. Built from solid wood and modern materials, with high quality fixtures and fittings, you should expect a lifetime of service from them. Or, at least, until your tastes change and you fancy something different!

That isn’t to say that nothing will ever go wrong. But part of our promise is to provide an attentive aftercare service for the lifetime of your kitchen.

Last Thursday evening we had a problem develop with our kitchen which left us without a working hob and a drawer which wouldn’t operate. After trying to resolve it myself, unsuccessfully I called GBK&I. Even though they fitted this kitchen … some 8 years ago I was confident that they would do everything they could to get us back up working again. I wasn’t disappointed. Following my call to Jack, who listened to my problem and immediately arranged for John (one of their kitchen installers) to come about an hour later…the same day.

John managed to resolve our problems, got the hob and drawer working again and left everything looking and working perfectly. The service was excellent, and if that wasn’t enough we also had a Follow up call from Vince to check that we were happy. That IS what you call service. Thank you everyone at GBK&I. By the way…the kitchen still looks and works as good as the day it was fitted.

Steve and Elaine

Tempted by bespoke?

If you’re ready for a bespoke kitchen which is tailor-made to the needs of you and your family, then visit our Sevenoaks showroom or call us on 01959 53 22 33 to arrange a design consultation.


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