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What is scribe moulding?

The finish of our clients’ cabinetry is incredibly important, so attention to detail is the cornerstone of our approach.

When our clients look round their newly fitted kitchen, study or bedroom for the first time, we want the impression to be of a flawless finish and seamless flow between the cabinets and the features of the room.

Using techniques such as scribe moulding, or ‘show-end panels’ as we call them, is just one of the ways we achieve this.

What is cabinetry moulding?

Moulding is a custom-made trim that is incorporated into the design of the cabinetry either at the top, base or sides.

Mouldings have two functions; they can add character and interest to complement their surroundings, but they are also used to ensure that the cabinets fit seamlessly against walls and ceilings.

What is scribe moulding for cabinets?

Scribe moulding is a trim, which is used once cabinetry is installed.

In most homes, walls are not completely even surfaces, so when cabinets are fitted, any gaps need to be properly addressed.

We often install cabinetry alongside shaped plasterwork, so creating an accurate template for the scribe moulding, or show-end panel, is crucial.

Scribe moulding template
An example template to guide our fitting.

A seamless finish

Scribe moulding is fitted alongside the cabinet and the wall to create a unified finish.

Scribe moulding
With this handmade bedroom cabinetry, a scribed show-end panel was carefully constructed to create a smooth join to the shaped plasterwork.

Why is it called scribe moulding?

In order to trim the wood to create an exact match for the uneven surface, the contours of the wall are inscribed onto the moulding, hence the term ‘scribe’.

Vince Hone

Since founding Great British Kitchens & Interiors back in 1984, Vince has worked tirelessly to create exquisite spaces for hundreds of clients to cook, entertain, work and relax in.