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BORA hobs and building regulations for ventilation

When installing your BORA hob you need to make sure that you’re adhering to UK Building Regulations Approved Document F, which relates to ventilation requirements in your home.

There are two questions to ask:

  1. Does your BORA hob automatically meet these requirements?
  2. What are the rules if you’re installing a BORA hob as part of a kitchen refurbishment?

Here are the answers, from BORA themselves…

Does BORA satisfy Part F ventilation requirements?

Yes, if externally ducted.

No, if recirculating.

Building Control want either,

  1. 30 litres per second airflow if the extractor is adjacent to the cooktop,
  2. Or, 60 litres per second if the extractor is elsewhere in the room.

BORA flow rates start at 111 litres per second, so it is more than within the guidelines.

Externally ducted BORA hobs

ANY externally ducted BORA cooktop meets the building regulation part F requirements.

BORA vent
A BORA vent in situ.

Recirculating BORA hobs

Recirculation appliances do not meet part F; not for BORA or any other manufacturer. If recirculation is chosen, a secondary external extraction/duct-out kitchen extractor must be fitted in the room that meets the 60 litres per second requirement.

The relevant information is on pages 16 and 17 of the Approved Document F, Volume 1.

What are the rules concerning a simple kitchen refurbishment?

If the original kitchen had a duct-out kitchen extractor, you must include a duct-out kitchen extractor in the refurbishment or place a secondary duct-out extractor that meets the 60 litres per second rule.

If the original kitchen had a recirculated extractor, then you can fit a recirculation extractor or duct-out extractor.

The relevant information is on page 35 of the Approved Document F, Volume 1.

The BORA box (UEBF) and round (UEBR) external vents.
The BORA box (UEBF) and round (UEBR) external vents.

Need help planning your BORA hob installation?

Whether you’re simply installing a new BORA appliance, or refurbishing your whole kitchen, get in touch with one of our BORA experts who will help you select the right appliance and install it according to Building Regulations.

Vince Hone

Vince Hone

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