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More than cooking – announcing ground-breaking new BORA products

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BORA’s ethos is about transforming the kitchen from a functional place, into a space for living.

Their innovative appliances are not only visually elegant, their aim is to simplify cooking and promote a healthy lifestyle.

We’re delighted to share some exciting BORA product launches, including the new BORA M Pure cooktop extractor system, their QVAC vacuum sealer, refrigeration and freezing systems, plus stunning BORA lighting.

BORA kitchen

The new BORA M Pure

The M Pure is BORA’s most flexible cooktop extractor system yet, merging aspects of the Pure and X Pure models to bring incredible flexibility for cooks.


The latest addition to the BORA Pure family 

The BORA M Pure is the latest and most advanced addition to the Pure cooktop extractor range:

BORA Pure and S PureBORA X PureBORA M Pure
With compact induction surface dimensions, the BORA Pure and S Pure bring the best of BORA functionality to space-saving convenience.Featuring the maximum cooking surface area, the BORA X Pure is tailored for large cookware. When needed, two 230 x 230mm surface induction cooking zones can be connected by a ‘bridging’ function to create a single 230 x 460mm cooking zone.Taking cooking flexibility to the next level, the BORA M Pure combines maximum surface area with automatic pan size recognition. With the pan size recognition function enabled, the two 230 x 230mm cooking zones are automatically combined when a large enough pan or roasting tin is in use. The M Pure also features a streamlined touch panel for intuitive operation.
BORA M Pure dimensions

Colourful inlet nozzles

To enable your personal design touch, the BORA M Pure has a choice of colourful inlet nozzles for the cooktop extractor. As well as black, you can add a pop of colour with red, blue, jade green, light grey, yellow or greige.

BORA M Pure inlet nozzle

Intuitive operation, streamlined design

All M Pure functionality is controlled via a touch panel with understated white LED indicators.

The vertical slider operates the cooktop with a swipe or tap. All the important functions can be accessed with a single touch.

Introducing The BORA QVac

BORA’s new, built-in vacuum sealer enables longer-lasting food and an incredibly fresh taste.

Built-in vacuum sealer

Reduce food waste, seal-in taste

From fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, to sauces, soups and stews, whether raw or cooked – vacuum sealing makes it possible to store food for longer, whilst maintaining its natural taste and texture.

Three useful functions  

The BORA QVac enables:

  1. vacuum sealing in boxes and bags, for storage or sous-vide cooking
  2. resealing bottles to maintain the freshness of liquids such as oil and wine
  3. marinating foods in just 10 minutes, with full flavour sealed in.

Distinctively BORA by design

As you’d expect from BORA technology, subtlety and streamlined design are at the forefront.

The QVac mechanism is subtly housed below the countertop, and the vacuum sealer can be flush or surface mounted, depending on your preference.

New BORA refrigeration and freezing systems

Elegant design, pioneering technology and ergonomics combine in BORA’s new refrigeration and freezing systems.

BORA fridge

More fresh air

Thanks to intelligent convection cooling, the interior temperature is kept stable. The circulating air is then cleaned by the integrated odour filter.

BORA’s PowerCool and PowerFreeze functions instantly regulate the temperature.

These functions together ensure that food is stored in its optimal condition, whilst reducing odours.

Practical design

BORA have prioritised ergonomics in their design, so that food can be stored in a clear and well-ordered way. Cleaning is also made as simple as possible.

Presenting BORA lighting

Clear, radiant clear light for cooking, and dimmed, warm light for dining can create the perfect ambiance.

BORA recognise that lighting must be both functionally and emotionally appealing – to ensure the best possible cooking experience and to transform the kitchen into a place of wellbeing.

BORA lighting

Minimalist styling, intuitive functionality

BORA lighting design has subtlety at its heart. The minimalist styling doesn’t obstruct the view of the room, and it’s designed to seamlessly integrate with how you want to live and cook.

A calming ambiance is achieved through intuitive functionality.

BORA Horizon

The BORA Horizon linear pendant light is designed to provide indirect ambient light above a dining space, or to give direct light above the cooktop. Five, colour temperature settings, along with an adjustable dimmer, create a pleasant atmosphere in any cooking or dining situation.

BORA Horizon lighting

BORA Stars

The flexible BORA Stars system gives every living space an opportunity for individual design. The vertical pendant light is available in both surface-mounted and built-in options, or with three lights in either a linear or circular arrangement.

BORA Stars system

Experience the BORA kitchen

To experience BORA technology in action for yourself, visit us at our spacious showroom.

If you’d like to talk to us about a new hand-built kitchen, or a bespoke cabinetry project, please call us on 01959 53 22 33 to book a design appointment.

Jack Hone

Jack Hone

Chief kitchen designer (and chef in a previous life), who loves creating perfect spaces for people to make memories in.