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BORA X BO – the professional steam oven for your home

BORA has always been synonymous with innovation. BORA extractors are revolutionary and are always one of the highlights when customers visit our showroom.

Now, the BORA X BO brings customers a professional steam oven for the home. Whether you want crispy roasts, delicious vegetables, or light and airy, golden bakes – thanks to its gentle, uniform steam production, the BORA X BO steam oven guarantees perfect cooking results.

BORA X BO - the professional steam oven for your home

What is a steam oven?

A steam oven cleverly combines a steamer and a conventional oven in one. It can roast and bake food, but, importantly, it can also steam it.

With the BORA X BO, the steam and heat functions can be used together or separately depending on the dish. This ensures the food is cooked gently and sympathetically to the natural flavours.

For example, one of the benefits of steam baking is that you can bake or roast with an injection of steam to ensure the dish is moist or succulent. Depending on the selected programme, the BORA X BO automatically applies steam during the cooking process at specified intervals, taking away the need to baste or add water.

Natural cooking

With steam cooking, a simple rule applies – if you can boil it in a pan, you can cook it with steam.

Steamed food is not in direct contact with water, the steam envelops the food to cook it very gently and preserve natural flavour, colour and taste. Importantly, vitamins and minerals are preserved.

Buying time

The beauty of cooking with steam is that the temperature in the appliance keeps constant and the gentle action of the steam prevents the food from burning. This means that there is more time to put to good use while food is cooking.

What sets the BORA X BO apart?

Clear view

BORA X BO - the professional steam oven for your home. Fog - none.

Seeing your food cook is part of the joy and anticipation. With the BORA X BO, the steam extraction technology means that there is a clear view of the oven chamber.

The steam is prevented from escaping when the door is opened due to the automatic door opening system, which draws the steam backwards before the door is released. After all, no one likes a facial sauna before they eat!

Odour control

BORA X BO - the professional steam oven for your home. Smell - none.

An integrated charcoal filter works alongside the steam extractor to ensure that odours are reduced, even when strong-smelling foods are being cooked.

Simplicity guaranteed

BORA X BO - the professional steam oven for your home. Confusion - none.

The appliance uses simple imagery to guide you through every step to ensuring the perfect result.

Precision cooking is enabled through programme selection: ‘Manual cooking’, ‘Automatic cooking’ and ‘Special cooking’. These are combined with a food thermometer, so that the cooking session is automatically ended as soon as the target temperature is reached.

Effortless cleaning

BORA X BO - the professional steam oven for your home. Grime - none.

As the interior of the BORA X BO is made entirely of stainless steel, it can be easily cleaned and descaled using one of three pre-set programmes from quick to intensive cleaning. So, it will always be a pleasure to see your food cooking.

Ergonomic functions

The BORA X BO is controlled by a large 19-inch display that can be angled to ensure ease of operation. The touchscreen is operated by fingertips, just like a smartphone.

There are numerous pre-set programmes and a simple, intuitive navigation, so that cooking is straightforward and precise.

Beautiful design

High-end glass surfaces, multi-level lighting and a stylish black panel all contribute to the stunning aesthetic of the BORA X BO, which is enhanced by the stainless steel oven chamber.

See BORA in action

Call or visit us at our spacious showroom to experience the latest in kitchen innovation, and see BORA technology in action for yourself.

Vince Hone

Vince Hone

Since founding Great British Kitchens & Interiors back in 1984, Vince has worked tirelessly to create exquisite spaces for hundreds of clients to cook, entertain, work and relax in.