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BORA is synonymous with cooktop extractors. They are the innovation leaders and trend-setters in the market.

A revolution in the kitchen.

The rapid growth of BORA began when Willi Bruckbauer developed and patented his first cooktop extractor system, the BORA Professional, in 2006. The next year he founded BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH with just one employee and has never looked back. The company is the proud winner of numerous awards including the ICONIC Award, the German Design Award and the German Brand Awards.

BORA products have gained an enviable reputation for being easy to understand, easy to plan with, easy to install and easy to service. They have become recognised as the originators and major innovators within the growing cooktop extraction market.

BORA Professional 2.0

BORA Professional 2.0

With its range of cooktop options, large cooking area and classic knob controls, the BORA Professional 2.0 would earn its keep in any commercial kitchen. In a home, its incredibly quiet fan and intelligent controls make it a pleasure to use.

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BORA Professional 3.0

With the Professional 3.0, BORA have developed the ultimate domestic or commercial kitchen appliance. Combining superior performance with beautiful design, BORA have improved their intuitive functionality to make cooking even more of a joy. An automatic extractor cover and oversized cooking zones are just two of the advantages to this revolutionary model.

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BORA Classic 2.0 - Visit Our Showroom For A Live Demo

BORA Classic 2.0

Being introduced this year, the Classic 2.0 will provide a larger cooking area thanks to the intuitive, centralised control panel, while still retaining the clean style of the original Classic.

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Visit Out Showroom For A Live Demo Of BORA Pure


The elegant BORA Pure combines fingertip controls (including an intuitive vertical slider) with the minimalist design of a circular BORA extractor.

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Visit Our Showroom For A Live Demo


All the refinements of the BORA Pure, plus larger cooking zones.

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Blending BORA with your home

At Great British Kitchens & Interiors we are experts in creating the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

BORA cooktops give us the design flexibility to install kitchens that are entirely tailored to your space and your needs.

And our expertise doesn’t stop there, we’ll help you select the right BORA hob and provide first class fitting and aftersales support.

Benefits of BORA

The unique BORA extraction system has many advantages to make cooking a more pleasurable experience:

It removes all cooking particles, including those carrying odours (so your clothes won’t smell of what you’re cooking).

Grease particles are also drawn into the extraction system, rather than leaving a nasty film over your kitchen.

By drawing in the steam from your cooking, humidity levels in your kitchen are reduced, so you’ll have fewer issues with condensation.

The BORA extraction system is a lot quieter than overhead extractors.

Find out more about the science behind BORA.

BORA in real kitchens

We often incorporate BORA into our kitchen designs because the lack of an overhead extractor gives us wonderful flexibility to install the hob in the most ergonomic and visually pleasing location.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate how BORA could transform your kitchen:

A sleek, storage-rich kitchen in Eltham

A contemporary, grey and white kitchen, which is packed with storage space and "mod cons".
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A beautiful kitchen with hidden depths in Sundridge Park

There's more to this spacious, welcoming kitchen than meets the eye!
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A modern, minimalist kitchen in Biggin Hill

Discover how we converted a tired, outdated kitchen into a sleek, contemporary space.
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Experience BORA for yourself

Does it all sound too good to be true?

Visit our showroom and we’ll give you a live demonstration, so you can see that the BORA extractor really does live up to the hype.

We have the following models available for demonstration or on display at our Sevenoaks showroom:

BORA in action