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10 kitchen design trends for 2023

When looking ahead to the design trends that are emerging for 2023, there is an overarching feeling of optimism.

Celebrating living spaces through texture, colour and personal bespoke touches that make home life special are certainly apparent.

The kitchen’s firm position as the heart of the home has never been more evident. We explore the ways in which the kitchen is evolving to be so much more than the sum of its parts.

Kitchen and living area

1.    Material facts

There is a real focus on creating a mix of texture, tone and colour through thoughtfully combing different materials.

Metals such as brass and copper have seen a resurgence and are being used to contrast beautifully with natural stone, granite, and wood to create warmth and interest.

Texture is playing a greater role in kitchen design, to create contrast and break up banks of cabinetry or play against a high-gloss finish.

In the stunning kitchen below, which was created to suit a loft style living space, the materials were key to its success.

Kitchen in a loft style space

The bespoke central island is the hub of the kitchen and combines three natural materials.

Pure white quartz forms the sink island; whereas at the opposite end, the island is finished with long stave walnut.

Lastly, a steel grey ‘leathered’ granite slab joins the two islands, and this use of texture is continued by the embossed cabinetry finish.

2.    Making a splash

Splashbacks are so much more than a practical part of a kitchen and they are increasingly being used as a design feature in their own right.

From a functional perspective, a splashback is a cleanable screen, fitted to the kitchen wall to protect it from splashed grease, liquids, and other kitchen detritus. It also provides protection from heat and condensation.

Splashbacks were traditionally tiled, but in the spirit of necessity being the mother of invention, the sky is now the limit in terms of material choice.

Metal, glass, acrylic, stone, granite and wood are all now used to create splashbacks that make a design statement.

Kitchen with aqua blue glass splashback

In the sleek, minimalist kitchen above, the stunning aqua blue glass splashback provides a focal point that is the perfect complement to the kitchen’s clean lines.

3.    Zest for life

There’s no doubt that neutral tones and sophisticated shades of grey continue in popularity for their warmth and perfect backdrop to decorative features.

However, for 2023, an uplifting burst of colour seems to be very much on the horizon.

Colours such as mint greens and zesty yellows are joyful and uplifting, and they are finding their way back into the kitchen.

Whether used for wall colour or for painted cabinetry, these fresh tones can create the perfect palette when combined with countertops and metalware that make their colours pop.

Kitchen with mint green cabinetry

The fresh mint green of the cabinetry in this kitchen design was the perfect partner for the simple high gloss quartz countertop, and the brushed chrome of the fridge, ovens and taps.

4.    Being more Zen

A trend towards spa-like tranquillity in our living spaces is spreading into the kitchen.

Calm, uncluttered with natural materials and neutral tones, this style of kitchen is an antidote to the more hectic aspects of life.

Simple lines and a limited colour palette can achieve a serene place to cook and eat.

Three tone colour kitchen

In the example above, the colour palette of three tones works perfectly.

We constructed floor to ceiling handle-less cabinetry in walnut with matching, bespoke table.

The warm wood fits beautifully with the white quartz countertop and splashback. The subtle beige of the understated bank of cabinets and chairs complete the look.

5.    Larder days

Pantry cupboards provide the perfect way to instate a traditional space into a modern kitchen, and their popularity is clear.

A larder or pantry cupboard can be subtly built into a bank of cupboards so that it’s almost imperceptible, as was the case with the kitchen below.

However, once opened a pantry cupboard is a true source of joy, with space to organise ingredients for how you like to cook.

Built-in spice racks, deep drawers, variable height shelving and a marble ‘cool’ shelf can all be incorporated to create bespoke storage.

Kitchen with built-in spice racks, deep drawers, variable height shelving and a marble ‘cool’ shelf

6.    In the kitchen at parties

More than ever, kitchens are places to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends. Home bars continue to increase in popularity for the myriad of ways they can be incorporated into your space.

Whether subtly incorporated into a bank of cabinets or as a standalone statement, bespoke home bars can be handmade to suit the style of your kitchen.

They can be fitted to incorporate fridges for cold drinks, and wine storage to ensure that wine is stored correctly and at the optimum temperature.

Bespoke bar in a kitchen

The bar above, complete with fridge and glass shelving, is cleverly concealed behind fully retractable pocket doors. This was the perfect solution for this kitchen’s clean lines and warehouse styling.

7.    Free-standing furniture

The desire to move away from the mass-produced is something that we have certainly noticed, with many clients asking us to build bespoke furniture for them.

Custom, handmade furniture is built to perfectly suit its surroundings and it’s made to last.

Kitchen with custom-made bench seat and deep wooden table

The custom-made bench seat and deep wooden table above will see countless family meals – years of love and use will only enhance the natural wood.

Because they have been individually designed and created, pieces such as these will not only stand the test of time, they are likely to be kept in the family.

8.    Outside in

Designs that work in harmony with their natural surroundings are ever popular.

Elemental materials and tones are one way to celebrate nature – woodgrain and tones of sage green can lead the eye seamlessly from the inside to the outside, and create a calm environment.

However, there are many style devices that can help to bring the outside, in.

In the contemporary, streamlined kitchen below, the skylight floods the space with natural light. Everything about the room is designed to focus on and reflect the view of the garden – from the high gloss cabinetry and countertops, to the stunning, polished floor.

Contemporary kitchen with skylighting

9.    Statement lighting

Creative lighting can do so much for a room – it can instantly change the ambiance or enhance the mood.

Gone are the days when kitchen lighting was limited to under cabinet or ceiling downlights. Statement lighting in the kitchen can be very much part of its overarching design.

Lighting trends for 2023 are set to be bigger and bolder and we have already seen how this is being reflected in kitchen design.

Kitchen with lattice brass pendant lighting

These lattice brass pendants create a stunning feature. Their tone beautifully complements the rich blue of our painted cabinetry, and picks out the brass tones in the handles, tap and stools, bringing the whole design together.

10.        Art for art’s sake

A cherished piece of art, whether it’s a paining or sculpture, is a very personal reflection of taste.

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, so it’s only natural that, increasingly, artistic investments are sharing the heart of the home.

Here, the deep grey walls and clean white of the cabinetry and table are the perfect way to offset the rich tones and traditional subject matter of the painting.

White kitchen cabinetry

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Jack Hone

Chief kitchen designer (and chef in a previous life), who loves creating perfect spaces for people to make memories in.