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Quooker black taps range

Since the 1970s, Quooker have produced the world’s leading 100°C boiling water taps. Their stylish, stainless steel, chrome or nickel taps now grace many kitchens.

But recently Quooker have started to show their darker side…

How Quooker taps work

The Quooker taps are fed by a compact tank which sits under your worktop. Its high-vacuum insulation allows it to maintain boiling water (or hot and boiling water in the case of their COMBI tank), ready to send to your tap, with high energy-efficiency.

You can either opt for a single tap which will provide you with cold, hot and boiling water. Or you can have a dedicated boiling water tap, with a standard mixer tap for cold and hot.

And, thanks to the childproof mechanism, and insulated sides, the taps are safe for all members of your family.

The Quooker black

Reflecting contemporary design styles, Quooker have now extended their range to include the Fusion black tap.

In Quooker’s own words, the black tap is

formal, elegant and high-class

We simply love it for the design flexibility it gives us.

Some homeowners just don’t like the look of stainless steel, so this is an ideal alternative.

And, in some of our designs, the use of black enables us to add a greater depth and drama to the kitchen’s overall appearance.

The Quooker black tap is available in the Fusion Square and Fusion Round designs.

Why choose the Quooker black

Not only does the Quooker black tap look great, it also has all the functional advantages of the other Quooker taps in the range.

It incorporates Quooker’s childproof handle, along with an insulated spout and aerated spray to reduce the risk of scalding. Plus the boiling water control is entirely separate to the hot and cold controls, so you won’t turn it on by accident!

Black not bling enough for you?

Well, don’t despair, Quooker have also brought out a beautiful gold tap – so we truly can find the perfect Quooker for any kitchen!

Experience Quooker for yourself

We have plumbed in Quooker taps for you to try out at our showroom, so you can experience how easy to use and safe these taps are.

We also have information on the full Quooker range so our designers can help you select the perfect one for your kitchen.

Quooker taps are a popular choice in our kitchen designs. Here are a couple of examples where we have used Quooker taps in homes and allowed the homeowners to bin their kettles!

Vince Hone

Vince Hone

Since founding Great British Kitchens & Interiors back in 1984, Vince has worked tirelessly to create exquisite spaces for hundreds of clients to cook, entertain, work and relax in.