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Miele steam combi oven

Miele is committed to bringing its customers ‘quality ahead of its time’.

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Their products are synonymous with pioneering technology, beautiful aesthetics and functionality that brings something special to day-to-day life.

As official distributors of Miele appliances, we’re delighted to introduce Miele’s latest full-size combination steam oven – a state-of-the-art conventional oven, with full steam functionality.

Miele steam combi oven in a luxury kitchen

Uncompromising dual benefits

Miele steam combi ovens offer all the benefits of a fully-fledged steam oven, whilst providing all aspects of a conventional oven.

Steam cooks food very gently and evenly. By combining the moisture of steam and the dry heat of a conventional oven, outstanding roasting and baking results can be achieved.

Miele’s combination steam oven comes with a choice of oven compartment sizes – so you can find the right appliance to suit your kitchen and, importantly, how you like to cook.

Steam and heat working in harmony

Steam provides an excellent, natural option for re-heating food, as well as cooking it.

The steam reaches temperature very quickly and food is reheated evenly, unlike with microwave oven reheating, which can cause hot spots.

This method of reheating with steam also rehydrates the food, which is ideal for dishes including rice and lentils, which can dry out when refrigerated.

The combination of steam and conventional cooking is widely recognised as giving delicious results when cooking meat and fish.

The steam ensures the meat is tender and succulent, whilst the conventional, dry heat ensures all the flavour of browning and crisping. Miele’s integral wired food probe guarantees precise results.

Cooking in combination with steam gives huge flexibility for creating dishes full of intense flavour, whilst maintaining natural colour.

Miele steam combi oven

Total cooking flexibility

The latest Miele combination ovens offer unrivalled temperature accuracy, to one degree. They also enable total flexibility with how much steam is allowed in during the cooking process – you can select the exact percentage of steam to ensure prefect results.

Whether you want to create individual side dishes or complete menus in a single cooking process, the Miele steam combi oven will always make cooking easier for you.

Forward-looking technology

Miele are renowned for their Intuitive control panels, which are easy to navigate and look sleek and understated.

Their latest features include the ability to integrate with smart home technology, through the Miele app.

A large range of automatic programmes make your life easier and make sure the results are reliably delicious.

Miele have also introduced MotionReact functionality, so that when you approach the oven the timing turns off and the display panel lights up for you.

Miele steam combi oven

Self-cleaning functionality

Miele steam combi ovens include the pyrolytic self-cleaning function.

This technology turns food residues, including fat splashes and other burnt food remains, to ash. The ash can then be removed from the surfaces inside the oven without leaving a trace.

Buy with confidence

If you would like to understand more about Miele ovens, we’d be delighted to welcome you at our spacious showroom where we can talk through the best option for your needs.

If you’d like to talk to us about renovating your kitchen, please call us on 01959 53 22 33 to book a design appointment.

Vince Hone

Vince Hone

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