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Steam cooking at its finest!

28 - June 2016

The principle of steam cooking is as simple as it is effective.

With its gentle cooking method, it is particularly suitable for delicate foods such as tender vegetables like Broccoli and Asparagus; Fish, Meat, Potatoes, Rice and Bread. You can even do perfectly soft-boiled Eggs in a Steam oven.

The immediate exchange of heat ensures rapid cooking without the need for heating-up time. The food is not immersed in water but is instead gently enveloped in hot steam and so retains its natural flavours and vitamins, reducing the loss of nutrients. Steaming results in a more nutritious food than boiling, because fewer nutrients are leached away into the water. When compared to Raw consumption of Broccoli, Steaming reduced the folic acid content by 15% and vitamin C by 15%; boiling the broccoli reduces it by 35% and  25% respectively. 

With additional oven functions such as Conventional heat, Top or Bottom heat, Full or Economy Grill, Fan Grill or Intensive Bake, the Steam Combination oven makes for a very attractive, resourceful built-in appliance for the domestic and professional Kitchen.

Professional bakers and cooks have long known about it: increasing the humidity in the oven cavity enhances baking and roasting results.

Soft, light, delicious-smelling bread with a glistening, appetising crust as if fresh from the local baker or a roast joint as tasty as in a restaurant. As the bread dough is exposed to steam in the first stage of baking, it rises better, giving you a much lighter finish and great crust.

Likewise with roasting, Moisture is introduced after the meat has been sealed and continues cooking at a lower temperature. This achieves even cooking and perfect results every time.

The wireless food probe monitors the core temperature constantly, calculates the cooking duration automatically and stops the cooking process exactly when the set core temperature has been reached.

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