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SmartLine from Miele - modular elegance for creative chefs

10 - May 2017


Uncompromisingly elegant, versatile and multi-faceted – this is how the new SmartLine units from Miele present themselves to connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Customers can choose freely from Induction hob, Barbecue grill, Teppan Yaki, Gas, Induction wok and integrated countertop extractor. As an collective, they form a cooking centre with an elegant appeal which breaks down the boundaries between kitchen and living space.

The SmartLine market launch is planned for July 2017.

“With this basis to choose from, creativity knows no bounds, not least because two or more extractors can be integrated into a run of units”
Ina Laukötter, Director of Product Management, Hobs and Hoods, Miele.
CAD design in frame kitchen

All SmartLine modules have a depth of 52 cm; their frameless glass ceramic screen permits flush or surface-mounted installation. The touch controls (SmartSelect) only become visible on the black ceramic screen when the appliance is in operation.

“This underlines the aesthetic appearance and makes for congruency in design which makes SmartLine the ideal proposition in open-plan kitchens”
Ina Laukötter, Director of Product Management, Hobs and Hoods, Miele.

Overview of SmartLine units from Miele:

Countertop extractor

The countertop extractor is a downdraught unit which draws in steam and vapours and absorbs fat molecules in a 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter. In recirculation mode, a re-activatable active charcoal filter in a special recirculation box binds odours. Alternatively, in vented mode, steam and vapours are transported out of the building via vent ducting. The countertop extractor is available as an individual unit and is freely combinable with all SmartLine elements. In operation, the glass ceramic screen is removed from above the grille. A countertop extractor requires a building-in depth of only 16 cm, leaving plenty of space below the unit for drawers. The Eco motor used is powerful and, as a DC unit, particularly energy-efficient.

PowerFlex induction hob (60 cm wide or 38cm)

This model is based on a best-seller in the Miele range and consists of two PowerFlex zones in a 60 cm wide unit. These can be used as four individual rings which combine automatically when large pots or casserole dishes are used. As on all SmartLine modules, Miele deploys its SmartSelect controls. Power can be selected individually for each ring via a string of numbers. Various convenience and safety features round off the range, including Stop & Go, a warmer function, a setting allowing the screen to be cleaned without changing settings, a minute minder, automatic switch-off, a system lock and fault monitoring.


Teppan Yaki

Teppan Yaki

Lovers of modern Japanese cooking will make a beeline for the Teppan Yaki. This method involves contact grilling on a hot stainless-steel surface and is ideal for stir-frying. The 38 cm wide Miele Teppan Yaki features induction heating, is brought up to temperature fast and controls output with precision. The unit offers two separate zones, each with their own controls. This allows the preparation of ingredients at different temperatures.

Barbecue Grill

Nothing is better at releasing the delicious aroma of meat, fish or vegetables than a grill. The 38 cm wide barbecue grill has two zones with separate temperature controls. Typical application: Grilling at high temperature at the front, continued cooking or keeping food warm at the rear. The grill can be filled with water or lava rocks.


Induction Wok

Alongside the Teppan Yaki, the induction wok (38 cm) is the second classic Asian appliance in the SmartLine series. Miele supplies a matching wok pan for its induction wok. Benefit: Heat distribution is ideal and produces excellent results. In order to prevent oils and fat from overheating, a protective feature has been included (ControlInduct).Features include a booster function for rapid heat-up and a setting for keeping food warm.

Induction Wok

Gas units

For fans of cooking with gas, Miele offers two model versions in its SmartLine series: A large single-flame burner (dual wok) and a two-flame unit with a normal and fast burner. Both modules (38 cm wide) feature controls with classic metal knobs which underline the quality of SmartLine. One well-conceived detail: The up-ended cover next to a gas unit serves as a barrier and prevents flames from being drawn in (FlameGuard).


Simple cleaning across all products

By paying attention to detail, Miele has made cleaning as simple as possible for the user. The smooth glass ceramic surface is particularly easy to clean, not least thanks to induction technology which does not heat up the glass screen itself and thereby prevents food from burning on. SmartSelect controls feature a function which prevents any inadvertent changes to settings while cleaning the units. Removable parts such as the griddle, trivets on gas units and the stainless-steel grease filter box are dishwasher-proof.

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