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Pure, modern understatement

29 - March 2016

Miele PureLine within an Ultra Modern Hand Made Kitchen - a partnership of excellence.

We love working with this range of products and recommend them as a key design element within kitchens where the focus is one of minimalism and modernity. The high proportion of glass creates a calm visual impression whilst the attractive handle of PureLine seems to float unsupported against it’s background. These work beautifully within our designs and perfectly compliment the crisp lines of our immaculately fitted units and worktops for a result that is frankly stunning.

The PureLine philosophy

Miele firmly believe that “design encompasses the outward appearance of an object, as well as the experience of using it” and this is reflected in a range of appliances that perfectly complement one another within each family in terms of form, function and materials, taking design consistency to a completely new level.

Colours and finishes for a new generation of appliances

CleanSteel -

A skilful combination of Jet-Black glass and striking stainless steel.


PureLine Obsidian Black -

Light and shadow working together on glass fronts create reflections, that lend both depth and elegance to the surface.


PureLine Brilliant White -

Minimalist and light with seamless integration. The embodiment of exclusivity.


PureLine Havana Brown -

Restful tones of brown that promote an instinctive feel of harmony and nature.


As Miele stockists we sell and deliver to discerning clients throughout London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Discover the new Miele built-in kitchen appliances for yourself. Call us on 01959 532233 to arrange a visit and let us show you design understatement in person.

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