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Boiling water taps

22 - July 2011

Much of modern kitchen design,style and function demands a sleek streamlined and uncluttered minimalist look to the room with open spaces,efficient accessories and built in appliances working to minimize clutter, particularly on countertops -examples being built in steam ovens, coffee makers and, microwaves to name just a few.

One of the newest appliances sweeping across the industry is boiling water taps which provide instant hot water – up to 100 degrees - straight from the tap, which effectively eliminates the need for a kettle.

With large spacious rooms being created from kitchens which form the living hub of the house - (not just dining areas, but also media systems, TV and soft furnished areas increasingly ‘de rigueur’ in our schemes) - and the use of working island systems incorporating hobs, extractors and sinks this latest trend is proving a popular choice for many clients of Great British Interiors.

The system works by storing (filtered) water which is heated inside a tank underneath the sink, giving immediate hot water on demand providing an instant access to boiling water for cooking, cleaning, blanching, tea, coffee and hot drink making, and even boiling eggs!

The cost with retail prices ranging from around £500 to over £2,000 depending on the system one chooses. Compared to a kettle or saucepan costing around £20 - £30 this may appear as something of an extravagance for many households.

Such are the aesthetic benefits, as well as the practical and environmental advantages we are making these available, when included as part of a fitted kitchen, at a fraction of their normal cost. This can result literally in savings of hundreds of pounds.

It is worth noting that because the water generally is held in an insulated tank and only refilled and re-boiled with what you actually use, the electricity consumption is considerably less than that used when boiling a kettle or saucepan which invariably gets overfilled. Allied with the filter feature which most hot taps include, and this can even include limescale filters, the tap will eliminate the need for worktop filter jugs designed to improve taste.

Great British Interiors regularly install boiling water taps by Quooker, Itoh, Franke, Zip and ISE. We reckon that these have a very definite future in the UK kitchen scene, much as ice and chilled water dispensers in fridges have, and particularly if the cost can be made as kept down so adding one to your Great British Kitchen could prove one of the hottest deals around.

Working examples of hot taps, together with Great British Interiors’ fitted kitchens, bedrooms and home office/studies can be seen in showroom at Sevenoaks in Kent

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