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Our most popular Miele PureLine appliances

18 - October 2016

How they will make preparing YOUR Christmas lunch easy.

Miele H6267BP

With electronically regulated programmes for over 100 different foods ready and waiting to be used; you can easily cook your Christmas Turkey to absolute perfection using the integrated temperature probe. Using the innovative ‘moisture plus’ you will be able to inject steam; up to a maximum of 3 times, into the 76 litre oven cavity to keep the bird moist during its roasting. Also great to give those Yorkshire puddings extra lift, and that all important light and crisp golden finish. The Moisture plus setting is also fantastic for roasting off your bones ready for your gravy. The extra humidity will help in achieving wonderful caramelisation on the bones, adding all important depth of flavour to your finished gravy.

The Miele H6267BP is perfect for all manner of roasting.

Miele Cooking Christmas

And once the day is done, everyone is fed and happy, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the oven. Using the Pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle, the oven is heated to around 480ºC; at that temperature any deposits are quickly reduced to a thin layer of ash, which can then be simply wiped away with a damp cloth to leave a completely clean oven. No need for detergents or back strain - nothing could be easier; the ultimate in self-cleaning power and convenience.

Miele DGC6600

What makes Steam - combination ovens so popular? Their versatility in the Kitchen of course. Whether it be steam cooking; using Miele patented Multi-Steam technology, the Oven and Grill or the incredible combination cooking mode, the Miele DGC6600 lends itself to every occasion. Great for all manners of baking, the Steam-combi mode allows you to add moisture to the 48 litre capacity, XL oven cavity at your own discretion to give your bakes extra lift, keep them moist, and give a glorious finish to the crust. It’s great for Bread, with the steam injection giving your loaf perfect rise, a great golden crust and ensuring the Bread remains light and crisp.

Combination cooking is also great for all your Sunday roasts, allowing you to perfectly steam your joint, sealing in all the flavour and juices; and then finishing it with a high-temp roast to give that fantastic caramelisation and finish.

Another great option to have on the big day; utilising the combi setting, steam your potatoes off until tender, toss in some duck fat, garlic, thyme and seasoning and then back into the oven for an intense roast to achieve a glorious crisp finish.

The Steam function is the show-stopper. The XL oven cavity has space for 4 x full trays or 8 x half trays for all manner of food, which we often demonstrate in the showrooms. Perfectly steamed rice, eggs, salmon, and vegetables, all cooked effortlessly with minimal fuss.

Miele Baking Christmas

The incredible automatic programmes and menu cooking applications make day-to-day cooking that extra bit easier. Simply in-putting your ingredients; following the ovens instructions, the oven actually tells YOU what to do.

The Miele Pure Line DGC6600 takes the pressure off of Christmas Day. Steam off your Turkey joint, Sausage meat stuffing and your Pigs in Blankets beforehand to ensure tender, moist and perfectly cooked food for your family and by using the integrated food probe, you will never be disappointed. Have all your vegetables in trays and ready to go in, then simply use the ‘Menu cooking’ application and the Oven will pre-heat, and then tell you when to put everything in, guaranteeing impeccably cooked Vegetables for everyone on the big day. And let’s not forget the all-important Christmas pudding, steamed to perfection in your Miele DGC6600.

Miele ESW6229

Affectionately nicknamed the "Sous Chef" by its creators; the push to open, 29cm Miele warming drawer not only offers ample space for crockery warming and food holding, but also regulated fan heat for slow cooking. We frequently indulge in Roast Beef sandwiches in our showrooms, using our “Sous Chef” to cook our Sirloin of Beef to a perfect medium-rare. It’s almost too good to be true. Simply seasoned and seared off before-hand, then left to cook in a perfectly ambient temperature over 4 hours to a perfect medium-rare. It’s the stuff of wonders. With the controlled temperature of the “Sous Chef”, it has a similar effect to water bathing, very little shrinkage, contained flavour and the meat remains incredibly moist.

The EWS6229 “Sous Chef” is great for cooking your Christmas Stuffing; a succulent slow cooked smoked Ham or some beautiful Beef to accompany your Christmas Turkey. Keeping those pigs in blankets hot, warming plates and crockery and keeping your vegetables piping hot until everything is on the table and everyone’s ready to tuck in.

Miele KM6366-1

Christmas Candles 2016

The 806mm wide Miele KM6366-1 induction top offers incredible flexibility to your cooking. With 6 Powerflex zones sitting in a stylish stainless steel frame, you are in control of how you use the space on offer. The Powerflex zones; each with temperature and time controls, are adaptable and flexible to each households individual needs. Whether single sauce pans, larger dishes or roasting trays; they can all be used without a problem. With all induction hobs, the base of the pan is detected by the cooking zone, and energy is only used on this area, this ensures the most efficient use of power.

The flexibility of the KM6366-1 lends itself perfectly to days such as Christmas. Everything on at once and not enough hob space; not a problem. Ample space for your roasting tray to de-glaze and get that all important turkey gravy on the go; space for your bread sauce to tick over and room to get some bacon and chestnuts bubbling away in butter ready to mix through beautifully steamed cabbage/greens.

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