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Miele CM Coffee Machines - everything you want, automatically

21 - September 2017

Miele CM5 Coffee Machine

Finally you can enjoy the simple side of life – cup by cup thanks to the Miele CM freestanding coffee machines. These machines combine contempory design with precision technology and allow the consumer to make their perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button.

Personalised Settings

Adjustable parameters ensure perfect results regardless of preference or the specific type of coffee used - Pre-brew duration, brew temperature, grind, portion sizes can be adjusted and saved to create your favourite drink. This gives the consumer the ability to bespoke their settings for every type of coffee they buy.

Great British Interiors Coffe

Easy Cleaning

The milk pipework is cleaned automatically and most of the other components come with the ComfortClean mark that shows they are dishwasher safe. Less time is spent on maintenance, leaving more time to enjoy the coffee.

These machines offer a stylish new design with all the precision and convenience of our existing range at an attractive entry level price of £749. Great coffee without the fuss brought to you by Miele and Great British Appliances.

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