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Introducing a Kitchen Island

07 - March 2017

When we sit down with our clients to start the process of creating their dream kitchens, one of the first things we need to establish is exactly what their new bespoke kitchen is going to be used for.

Over time, a Kitchen has transformed from what was once a place of labour and stress to more recently a communal friendly space; in which you cook, eat and entertain. It’s common knowledge that the kitchen is now widely considered to be the heart of the home.

Like all aspects of a great modern kitchen, it takes thoughtful consideration and planning to get it absolutely right. Here’s an idea….…..introducing a Kitchen Island.

kitchen Island Planning
Made to measure furniture

By integrating an island into your new kitchen (islands suit both classic kitchens and more modern kitchens) it can really transform how you can use the space; something much more than simply a place of eating. If there’s enough space, I’m a big fan of an Island, the bigger the better. A well thought out Island or Peninsular can act as the perfect mediator between the dedicated working space of the kitchen and a more informal living or dining space. It is often a good surface for the final ‘plating up’ of dishes before they are served, or for putting the champagne bucket whilst your guests perch around the edge on stools.

So where did the Kitchen island come from? It’s a development of the traditional, central farmhouse table; a multi-functional component of the kitchen which could be used for food preparation, but was also a place where people sat and relaxed.

kitchen Island Kent

An Island, if we think about it; can really be treated as a continuation of the classic kitchen design whilst also showing the development and opportunity that people have created in their kitchen space. Kitchen islands are versatile in both appearance and use; add some contrast against your main kitchen theme, introduce different colours or textures.

kitchen Island London

Islands can be an ideal solution to house some of your key kitchen appliances. The incredible BORA is the perfect option for Kitchen Island cooking. With its patented downdraft technology, it allows you to keep the space clean, open and uncompromised. Your main appliances can remain around the perimeter surfaces like other traditional kitchens, however if you enjoy the theatre of cooking and entertaining - make the Kitchen Island the real stand-out feature.

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