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Miele Steam Combi Cooking Demo

24 - May 2016

Sharing the steam

Great British Kitchens & Interiors hold regular cooking demonstrations with their London-trained-chef-turned-kitchen-designer, Jack. With years of experience using top end kit in commercial kitchens, he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to those top-notch home appliances.

The whole ethos of the demonstration sessions, held in the showroom in Kent, is to share knowledge between past, current and potential clients. A great balance between those that want to get more out of their kitchen and those finalising the decisions when it comes to what they want in their design.

Jack pointed out that the best way to see how it works is to ACTUALLY see it working. Simple philosophy, simple food. We tasted pea & mint soup, bread, eggs, salmon, vegetables and rice, all cooked in the Miele DGC6805 XL M-Touch Combi Steam oven. Even more impressive was the Sirloin of beef, which had been cooked at 55 degrees for 4 hours, giving it the perfect medium colour consistently throughout the whole cut. Believe it or not, this was prepared in the Miele Warming Draw. We tasted the food with a glass of champagne and learnt how easy it is to do it ourselves.

The beauty of the ovens we were shown is the pure simplicity of clean cooking. “It takes the pressure off when you’re cooking for a lot of people”, which we can quickly relate to when you consider the Christmas panic every year. The Miele Combi Steam even has set menu options with step-by-step instructions for a huge range of meals.

The group was also introduced to the brand new Bora Basic induction hob, which holds an in-house extractor fan in the centre. We were shown how the extractor drags the steam down at a rate of 4m per second, leaving the overhead of your hob totally clear with no need for a conventional fan. Affordable and fresh to the market and available to see in action in the showroom.

We had a pool of questions, concerns and cleaning tips for the products, creating a discussion as the ovens got to work. That’s one of the nicest things about getting together in this way. The team at Great British Kitchens & Interiors achieves a personable approach to knowledge sharing. They just want people to use the appliances they invest in.

It really is as simple as that.

Ovens used

DGC6805 XL – Combi steam M-Touch controls built in

DGC6500 XL – Combi steam with Sensor-tronic controls

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