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Classic ‘in frame’ Bespoke Kitchens

18 - April 2017

by Great British Kitchens and Interiors

Each project begins with our experts meeting clients on site and taking a thorough site survey and discussing; in detail, the initial specifications, ideas and requirements of our clients, to start the process of designing their dream Bespoke Kitchens. We discuss everything from appliance specifications to the intended function of the room and the range of colours and bespoke finishes available; to where the sun rises and sets in relation to the position of the Kitchen within the home.

We then come back to our HQ at Orchard Barn, Sevenoaks; and using all the information gathered from our site survey, we produce a hand-drawn scale design and CAD visuals based on this early briefing, also taking into account any structural restrictions and details that we have noted from our site visit. All of our cabinetry is designed and handmade to our clients’ exact specification, with not a single question left un-answered nor stone left unturned.

CAD design in frame kitchen

Our Classic Bespoke Kitchens and handmade custom cabinetry are all built in our workshop using ‘in frame’ construction; a traditional way of building cabinetry, whereby each door is hung on exposed Butt hinges within a solid timber frame. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it also is incredibly strong. With any kind of cabinetry, the width of the door itself should not exceed the space between the hinges; otherwise the pressure on the hinges would be disproportionate and ultimately compromise the integrity of the hinges over a prolonged period of time and use. With ‘In frame’ cabinetry, the Frame is mounted to the Carcass and the door is hung within the Frame; reducing the size of the door panel and ultimately reducing the space between the hinges, thus ensuring the long-term strength and integrity of the Kitchen.

kitchen Island London

Of course, there are alternative design features within the ‘in frame’ bracket that we showcase at our showrooms. For example you can opt for SOSS hinges where the hinges are machined into the frame and door panels resulting in a completely concealed hinge and a cleaner, linear finish to the Kitchen, much similar to ‘lay on’ construction but still achieving the same traditional aesthetics as a Classic ‘In frame’ Kitchen. A simple Square frame and Shaker door is a great happy-medium between the classic and more contemporary ‘In frame’ Kitchen. An elegant cock-bead within the frame can enhance the look of the structure, and give it extra character and intruige.

in frame kitchen brackets
soss kitchen brackets

There are several options with regards to the finish of the doors and Frame, all of which we display in our showrooms.

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