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Kitchen Builds - Adding a personal touch

12 - August 2016

Sometimes, given their purpose within the house, Kitchens are over-looked or ignored as a space that can be decorated in the home.

BUT....Kitchens are quickly becoming the heart of the home for family and friends to congregate and relax in, with an upsurge in ‘open plan living’ people are spending increasingly more time in their Kitchens. So just like any other room in the house, they should reflect your own personal style and taste.

Simple accessorizing is one of the simplest ways to add style and depth to any room.

Glass splash backs are increasingly popular in all the Kitchens that we design, almost 100% of the projects that we complete opt for a painted glass splash back and they are available in a huge spectrum of colours and finishes. Their clean; sleek finish adds a touch of class to the Kitchen.

It can be as subtle or as bold as you like, a single sheet or multiple sheets and colours; mirrored or antique brass; of course it depends on your own personal tastes but its simple, and it can really add that WOW factor people look for, to an otherwise subtle Kitchen design.

Flooring can reflect, complement or contrast the other colours in your kitchen. Lighter wooden/wooden effect floors are a subtle way to introduce earthly tones. Textured flooring like slate offers a spectrum of colours for you to build on. Make sure your flooring choices work with the overall designof your kitchen and don’t overpower the space, or detract from the Kitchen itself.

It adds warmth and cultivates mood, but well integrated lighting can also produce or enhance colour in a kitchen. Use coloured lights to create a lightened mood and ambience, or work with different colours and tones to achieve several layers.

Retain a neutral flavour on walls and cabinetry and go for broke with vibrant furniture to add energy and accent to your kitchen.

Stools, chairs or tables can be loud and proud in otherwise minimalist surrounds. Artwork or character pieces can be used to great effect, particularly in smaller kitchens where too much colour would create a confining feeling. In a larger area statement furniture can fill a room and its bold colours and character can then filter through the rest of the Kitchen, highlighting individual tones throughout the space.

If your kitchen has a lot of bright or reflective surfaces, a well placed character piece will diffuse through the room. A simple piece can be matched with other colours, furniture's or design elements within the Kitchen to invigorate the space.

If you have fun with your accessories, your family and friends will get pleasure from them too!!

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