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49 Shades of Grey…

07 - September 2016

Grey is continuing its run as a popular choice for Kitchens.

It is still a bit of an unconventional choice, could be seen as a bit boring or expressionless? But as demonstrated by the increasing number of gorgeous Grey Kitchens that we are producing; that certainly isn’t the case.

We all need a little bit of colour in our lives. Colour sets the mood and the tone of the home. Some colours are animated and energetic while others are much more calming and relaxing.

grey kitchen

At Great British Kitchens & Interiors, we believe that Grey has never been a ‘Fad’. Over the past 30 years we have regularly produced stunning Grey kitchens. Grey has been used in and around the home pretty much forever, so if a colour has existed so abundantly in nature and so prominently in our surroundings for that amount of time, then it’s simply cannot be considered as ‘just’ a fad.

Grey can appear characterless compared to its more vibrant counterparts. The trick is to pair it with a warm material, such as wood or alternate tones and textures. Go for a painted Ash door; the light catches the wood grain to add charm and subtle character to your Kitchen.

Lighting plays a prominent part in the Kitchen, highlighting the different tones of grey, the stunning Carrara worktops, and accentuating the vibrancy and character of the beautiful Oak breakfast bar.

grey kitchen accent colour
Appliances ( Miele Pure Line: H6260BP single oven, ESW6229 Warming Drawer, DGC6600XL Steam combi, K37222iD-1 Fridge, G6260SCVi Dishwasher; Siemens: EH675MN27E induction top, ER326AB70E Wok hob; Caple: Wi6119 wine cooler; Quooker 1 x Fusion round, Polished chrome.

Grey will work with any other colour you might want to bring into your kitchen. It also works beautifully with polished chrome and other metals. The coldness of the grey is complimented by the warm texture of the shiny chrome Handles and Quooker Twin hot taps. The Steel trim of the Miele Ovens softly blend in with their surroundings, whilst compliments the Grey tones, adding a subtle yet elegant frame to the deep Black of the Ovens glass fascia.

grey kitchen with lighting
Appliances (Miele Pure Line: 2 x H6260BP Single Ovens, H6200BM Microwave Combi, DGC6600 Steam Combi; Siemens: SN677X00TG Dishwasher, EH675MN27E Induction top, ER326AB70E Wok burner, Ci30RP01 aCool fridge, GU15DA50GB under counter freezer; Quooker: Nordic Round Twin taps, polished chrome)

grey kitchen black wortops

You can instantly add colour and change the tone of your room by changing your accessories. Swap out vases and fruit bowls for those of a different manner or pattern from time to time. This inexpensive face lift can dramatically alter the mood of your room.

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile means of adding a touch of colour to your Kitchen is simply the addition of bright, colourful flowers. Whether an ornate arrangement or a simple bunch; flowers can instantly transform your space. And what’s more, you can change your flower colours as regularly as you so desire.

grey kitchen white wortops

Whereas the Grey is cool and understated, a vibrant colour like Red or Yellow is hot and eye catching. A touch of warmth and colour is essential in any Kitchen.

Grey isn't just for contemporary kitchens, of course. The soft Grey colour on these kitchen cabinets is simple and elegant, and the colour harmonizes extremely well with white Quartz worktops. The darker wood floor adds contrast and character whilst simultaneously softening up the space.

grey kitchen fitted appliances
Appliances (Miele Pure Line Brilliant White: H6460BP Single Oven, ESW6229 ‘Sous Chef’ Warming Drawer, H6400BM Microwave combi; Siemens: EH875MP17E Induction top, Ci30RP01 aCool fridge,Gu15DA50GB under counter freezer, SN677X00TG dishwasher; Quooker Nordic Round, Polished Chrome)

If you aren't into bold colours but don't want an all-white kitchen either, consider a light warm Grey for your walls or cabinetry. Again, the wood floors add warmth and charm. The kitchen remains classy, clean, bright and airy; and the rich wood floor adds the perfect dose of warmth and character.

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