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A BORA-lliant Kitchen Revolution

07 - November 2016

BORA cooktop extractors - a smart and highly effective solution

The BORA is the first of its kind in the world; the promising combination of a top quality induction cooktop and an efficient and effective extractor in an attractive unit with an unusual, modern design; it is signalling the end of the common extractor hood. The BORA Basic, of which we have a working display in our showrooms, gives everyone the chance to enjoy the advantages of the patented BORA technology.

The easy-to-operate electronics, along with the easy to clean filter system; both of which were specifically developed by BORA, are also a testimony to the exceptional value of the compact unit.

It can be as subtle or as bold as you like, a single sheet or multiple sheets and colours; mirrored or antique brass; of course it depends on your own personal tastes but its simple, and it can really add that WOW factor people look for, to an otherwise subtle Kitchen design.

Flooring can reflect, complement or contrast the other colours in your kitchen. Lighter wooden/wooden effect floors are a subtle way to introduce earthly tones. Textured flooring like slate offers a spectrum of colours for you to build on. Make sure your flooring choices work with the overall designof your kitchen and don’t overpower the space, or detract from the Kitchen itself.

Besides the immediately obvious superiority of its performance and many technical advantages that you enjoy with a BORA; it is the freedom and versatility in kitchen design / kitchen planning that a BORA offers that really opens your eyes to the potential of these cooktops. You can practically do anything … anywhere … without having to compromise on the design.

The BORA gives you the freedom to cook where ever you would like. Be it in front of a window or under the eaves, or position the BORA on an Island and achieve an open and sleek kitchen space without a bulky hood dominating the appearance; you can enjoy seamless, un-compromised simplicity.

The space gained by doing away with an extractor hood can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your Kitchen and thanks to its compact and tidy installation, you still have lots of space in the base units. BORA are a step ahead, they are now setting the benchmark in the world of extraction and transforming Kitchen ‘ergonomics’.

In contrast; conventional extractor hoods work extremely hard for a reasonably limited result. Steam, grease and smells have to travel comparably long distances before they are captured and even then, it is not usually possible for all of the vapours to be dragged away; in fact, more than half of them escape.

The best evidence of this is the head-height ‘Clean rate’ of 100% that the BORA technology carries. This is made possible by the intelligent use of the flow speed and innovative motor technology, which pull away the steam/odours at the precise point where it is created. It has to be seen to be believed.

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