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1,300 years of English residential history bridged.

09 - June 2011

Within just 6 months of each other, two of our recent installations have successfully bridged a gap of over 1300 years of English residency.

In 664ad – that’s over 400 years before William the Conqueror arrived on our shores – Eastry Court near Sandwich in Kent has the earliest recorded residence of a property in England. Thought to be one of the oldest houses in England and a possible birthplace of English Christianity little probably remains of this original Anglo Saxon palace which having enjoyed ‘modernization’ in the 13th , 14th and later centuries now boasts a fully equipped and modern kitchen designed and installed by GBI.

Moving forward 13 centuries, and leaving the Anglo Saxons enjoying their local wars and legends, the new series of Channel 4’s Grand Designs will shortly be featuring a new build construction, state of the art residential dwelling at Keston in Kent, which having just been completed in 2011 is one of the newest residences in England, and will also boast a suitably complementary kitchen designed and installed by Great British Interiors.

Both of these kitchen projects have been sympathetically approached by the GBI design teams with Eastry Court enjoying a traditional oak kitchen of framed construction, natural granite working surfaces and top of the range built in appliances mainly from Miele.

As one would expect, a house of this nature, by virtue of its age and historic interest throws up a host of practical and logistical constraints to design and construction possibilities. However, GBI’s meticulous approach to planning, not only of the ‘look’ but also the space and ergonomics, allied with our technical knowledge and some 27 years experience in the industry gave the client the confidence to invite us to carry out this work. The result has been a blend of modern design befitting the client’s lifestyle, and traditional materials and construction methods which beautifully complements the property itself.

Our interpretation of the client and architect’s brief for the Grand Designs project resulted in a stunning ultra modern scheme with sweeping curves, contrasting tones and grand proportions using hi-gloss polished acrylic Parapan for the doors in black and white, curtain ended Corian work surfaces with integrated Corian sinks and again – top of the range Miele built in appliances. The design has provided the client with a stunning visual yet efficient working space which doubles as a real social hub at one end of a truly expansive open plan living space.

Extensive use of glass in the actual house construction offers a bright environment and further enhances the spaciousness, and this is accentuated with the use of mirrored ‘infinity’ panels between the top of our 2700mm high cabinets and the 3 metre ceiling.

Just two examples of recently completed successful installations spanning some 1300 years of residential English history comprehensively demonstrate GBI’s genuine flexibility of approach, bespoke planning and attention to detail, and any client with a home that fits anywhere in between these two extremes will be able to benefit from the same creative design flair and technical competence that the business offers.

Examples of Great British Interiors’ fitted kitchens, bedrooms and home office/studies can be seen in showroom at Sevenoaks in Kent.

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