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DGC6400 Steam Combination Oven Stainless Steel

DGC6400 Steam Combination Oven Stainless Steel

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Product : DGC6400 Steam Combination Oven Stainless Steel

  • Excellent results thanks to MonoSteam technology
  • Maximum versatility for perfect results - Combi cooking
  • Success guaranteed - Automatic programmes
  • Super easy cleaning - PerfectClean
  • Convenient operation - DirectControl

Steam oven with fully-fledged oven function

Steam oven with oven function and combi cooking The XL steam combination oven with its conventional oven functions meets the needs of all your cooking requirements. As a fully-fledged steam oven, it offers all the benefits that are described in the chapter on steam ovens. It also features conventional oven functions such as Fan plus, Conventional heat and Grill. It shows its skill in combi cooking - a combination of moist and dry heat for perfect results, particularly when baking and roasting.

User programmes

Save frequently used settings With Miele ovens you can create up to 20 individual programmes: Operating mode, temperature and duration can be individually specified. This allows you to call up the settings for frequently prepared dishes at the touch of a button - and your successful cooking results will be automatically repeated.

Clock/timer functions

Leave time management to your oven
You can programme the start and end times or simply the duration of the cooking process. In this way your dishes are perfectly cooked by the desired time. "After the programmed cooking time is over, the process ends automatically." During a power failure the clock function still works for around 200 hours. When power is restored, the display shows the current time; it does not need to be reprogrammed.

Energy efficiency

Use electricity efficiently
Miele steam combination ovens are noted for their minimum use of energy. This saves you money and protects the environment.

Residual heat utilisation

Conserve heat and energy
Even better energy efficiency can be achieved if you use the food probe or programme the cooking time. In this case the Miele oven switches off early and finishes the cooking process with the residual heat, without affecting the overall cooking result.

Cooking on three levels

Perfect results times three.
In the Miele steam combination oven you can steam food simultaneously on up to three levels - even different dishes. This is because with steam cooking neither odours nor flavours are transferred to other foods. So you can cook a complete meal for lots of people at the same time. Each ingredient retains its own pure aroma.

Safety functions

Automatic switch-off for maximum safety
You can lock the appliance with the touch of a finger to protect it from being switched on inadvertently, for instance by children. In addition, if a maximum operating time has been exceeded, the Miele steam combination oven switches off automatically. Should you forget to switch off the appliance safety is ensured.

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