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EGW6210 10 cm Crockery Warming Drawer Stainless steel/Clean steel

EGW6210 10 cm Crockery Warming Drawer Stainless steel/Clean steel

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Product : EGW6210 10 cm Crockery Warming Drawer Stainless steel/Clean steel

  • Food at its best with pre-heated crockery
  • Fully telescopic for convenient loading.
  • Secure footing thanks to non-slip liner
  • Completely customised - individual temperature selection
  • Easiest handling - Push2Open

Perfect serving temperature

For perfect enjoyment In Miele warming drawers you can customise the temperature within the temperature range of the chosen mode - depending on requirements and individual taste.

Push2open mechanism

Opening the drawer is child's play
The lack of a handle on the Miele drawers ensures perfectly matching design with Miele built-in appliances. With Push2Open, opening the drawer is child's play, and not only with your hand, but also with other parts of the body, e.g. when you are holding dishes in your hands. The spring-loaded front ensures that the drawer springs open wide and can be easily loaded and operated.

Non-slip liner

For exceptional convenience
The anti-slip mat ensures the stability of the crockery and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Fully telescopic runners

Drawers can be loaded easily
For loading and unloading the Miele built-in drawer can be completely pulled out. Due to the stable smooth telescopic runners the 29 cm drawer can hold a weight of up to 25 kg.


More than just good looking
All Miele appliances in stainless steel have a premium CleanSteel finish. This finish allows the surface to be kept clean very easily and without special detergents. Fingerprints are nearly invisible on CleanSteel.

cool front

Pleasantly cool surfaces
Miele warming drawers are cooled on all sides. This keeps the user and handle areas as well as adjacent cabinetry pleasantly cool. The structure of the front ensures a low temperature on the outside. For a high degree of safety and protection from burns, even on appliances without handles.

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