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H6560BP ContourLine Single Electric Oven, Clean Steel

H6560BP ContourLine Single Electric Oven, Clean Steel

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Product : H6560BP ContourLine Single Electric Oven, Clean Steel

  • TFT clear text display with touch operation - SensorTronic
  • Perfect baking and roasting results - Moisture plus
  • Precise temperature-controlled roasting - Food probe
  • The simple way to perfect results - automatic programmes
  • Minimal cleaning effort - Pyrolytic cleaning

The Miele H6560BP is a clean steel pyrolytic single oven, this means that the oven cleans itself making cleaning it a doddle for you. It leaves you with the simple task of wiping away a small amount of ash from the bottom of your oven. This Miele pyrolytic single oven also comes with a food probe and TFT display and several automatic programmes.

20 user programmes with the ability to have an additional 100 automatic programmes. Also with this clean steel Single Miele oven comes a large 76 litre capacity and the exclusive moisture plus technology that give improved baking and roasting results.

With the Miele H6560BP comes the AirClean catalyser that removes grease and odours from emerging steam. It also has the usual Miele safety functions, such asm safety swicth off as well as the cooling system that keeps the front of the oven cool.

User programmes

Save frequently used settings With Miele ovens you can create up to 20 individual programmes: Operating mode, temperature and duration can be individually specified. This allows you to call up the settings for frequently prepared dishes at the touch of a button - and your successful cooking results will be automatically repeated.

Clock/timer functions

Leave time management to your oven
Miele cookers and ovens offer multiple timer functions and a minute minder. You can programme the start and end times, or simply the duration of cooking. Your dishes are perfectly cooked at the desired time. At the end of a programmed cooking time the process ends automatically. Furthermore, during a power cut the set time is saved for up to approx. 200 hours.

Energy efficiency

Use electricity efficiently
Miele appliances convince with extremely low energy consumption. A large percentage of Miele cookers and ovens are categorized in energy efficiency class A+. This protects the environment - and your household budget. Compact ovens with a cooking compartment capacity of 49 l help conserve energy thanks to energy efficiency class A+.

Residual heat utilisation

Conserve heat and energy
Even better energy efficiency can be achieved if you use the food probe or programme the cooking time. In this case the Miele oven switches off early and finishes the cooking process with the residual heat, without affecting the overall cooking result.

Moisture Plus

Added moisture for optimum results.
Improved roasting and baking: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Perfect baking and roasting results can be achieved with moisture through the combination of different operating modes. Meat becomes tender and succulent and acquires an appetising browned crust, bread and rolls taste as if fresh from the bakery. The bursts of steam in Moisture plus mode can be programmed for greater convenience. Moisture plus is also used in various automatic programmes.

Special applications

Perfect conditions for specialist baking
Certain kitchen tasks only work perfectly if a particular temperature is chosen or a particular climate is present in the cooking compartment. So, for example, proving dough and drying fruit.

Electronic temperature control

Minimise temperature variations
Electronic monitoring of the cooking temperature guarantees precise temperature regulation. The best baking and roasting results are made possible by very small temperature fluctuations as well as a broad range of applications from making yoghurt to roasting meat.

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