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H6160B ContourLine Single Electric Oven, Clean Steel

H6160B ContourLine Single Electric Oven, Clean Steel

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Product : H6160B ContourLine Single Electric Oven, Clean Steel

H6160B ContourLine ovenven with Moisture Plus for superb cooking results.

  • 7-segment display with rotary selector - EasyControl
  • Perfect baking and roasting results - Moisture plus
  • Easy to clean - PerfectClean finish
  • Fewer fingerprints with CleanSteel
  • Lots of room - 76 litre oven capacity

Moisture Plus

Added moisture for optimum results. Improved roasting and baking: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Individual settings

You decide: Language, signal tones, display brightness and much more can be individually adjusted.

Clock/timer functions

Always on time: starting time, finishing time and duration of the cooking process are easy to select.
Miele cookers and ovens offer multiple timer functions and a minute minder. You can programme the start and end times, or simply the duration of cooking. Your dishes are perfectly cooked at the desired time. At the end of a programmed cooking time the process ends automatically. Furthermore, during a power cut the set time is saved for up to approx. 200 hours.
Find out more about "Clock/timer functions"

Protection for immaculate stainless-steel surfaces

Miele stainless steel appliances have a particularly high-quality CleanSteel surface finish. This surface is very easy to look after. Fingerprints are nearly invisible on CleanSteel.

Self-cleaning catalytic enamel panels

Miele ovens with PerfectClean have an additional catalytic panel at the back of the oven. Already during baking and roasting grease residue is continuously broken down. This keeps the cleaning effort on the rear panel to a minimum.

PerfectClean finish

Unique non-stick finish
Cleaning made easy: Many components in your Miele oven such as the many components of your Miele oven, for example, oven interior, baking trays and baking and roasting racks, have a patented surface finish with unique non-stick properties. Persistent soiling is easily removed using water with a dash of washing-up liquid and a sponge.

CleanGlass door

Lightweight and uncomplicated: The door's smooth surface makes cleaning after roasting a pleasure.

Multiple Operating Modes


Gentle on frozen food: frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.

Gentle bake

Particularly energy-efficient: Perfectly succulent roasts or excellent oven bakes depending on model.

Large grill

Versatile function for indoors: For grilling large quantities of steak, sausages, kebabs, etc.

Fan plus

Superbly light and fluffy: Ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to three levels. Display all products with "Fan plus"

Intensive bake

Crispy bases, delicious toppings: For pizza, quiche or flans, the base will be crispy, the topping will be moist.

Conventional heat

Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results on all traditional baking and roasting dishes.

Bottom heat

Individual requirements: For dishes which need to be cooked in a bain marie or browned from below.

Fan grill

Crispy on the outside, succulent inside: Ideal for chicken, duck, joints, rolled meat and many other meat dishes.

Rapid heat-up

For those who lead a busy life: Anyone who doesn't have much time for cooking will appreciate this programme.

Moisture Plus

As if fresh from the baker: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Automatic switch-off for maximum safety

You can lock the appliance with the touch of a finger to protected it from being switched on by mistake, for instance by children. A Miele oven will also automatically switch off if the maximum operating time is exceeded. Peace of mind should you forget to switch the appliance off.

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